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Russia, Rick Gates, Russia, Donald Trump

Why the ongoing Russian probe spells doom for Donald Trump

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates surrendered on Monday to FBI, they face charges of alleged Russian collusion in 2016 US elections.


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Hydrogen bomb, North Korea, China, Russia

Why Russia stands to gain the most in the North Korea crisis

Russia's support for sanctions against Pyongyang may give it diplomatic leverage against the sanctions Moscow faces.


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Russia, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, G20 summit

G20: When Trump met Putin

Despite their alleged mutual association and barrage of allegations, the leaders of USA and Russia hadn’t met before Hamburg.


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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Russia, Central Asia, China

India can't allow Chinese to overshadow its influence in Central Asia

It is time New Delhi gives the region the attention it deserves.


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Vladimir Putin, Russia, Pakistan, OBOR

When Modi meets Putin, fixing India-Russia ties must be top priority

Following Russia’s growing closeness to Pakistan and China, India needs to reboot its decades-old relationship with Moscow.


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Russia, Missile technology, India, BrahMos

What the bold new BrahMos can do for India in its latest avatar

From its earliest avatar as a supersonic anti-ship missile, BrahMos has come a long way.


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Russia, Donald Trump, FBI, James Comey

Why firing FBI chief will spell disaster for President Trump

Even if he comes up with an impeccable replacement, the downhill appears to have begun too fast.


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Russia, Donald Trump, Assad, Syria Crisis

Trump’s airstrike against Syria can lead to a total meltdown of US-Russian ties

His response to the chemical weapon attack is all sound and fury, with little actual deterrence to Assad regime.