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'Until we meet again,' McDonald’s tells Russia as it exits the country for good

The Ukraine-Russia war has upended a lot of progress made by not only the two countries at war but the entire world.


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Vladimir Putin: Conspiracy theories and myths about the Russian President

Putin is the longest serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin. Most Russians see him as someone who can give the country back its lost Soviet-era glory.


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Russia-Ukraine War Day 65: What has happened so far

Thousands of people have died and millions have fled their homes since Russia's invasion of Ukraine started. Take a look at the timeline of events since the war began.


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Aatmanirbhar India bans import of 101 defence equipment

To reduce its over-reliance on Russia for defence equipment and to avoid security breaches, India is strengthening its local manufacturing.


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Ukraine War gets Russia out of UNHRC. What happens now?

In a bid to further isolate Russia on the global stage over the invasion of Ukraine, the UNHRC on Thursday suspended the nation from its membership.


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How Putin failed to take Kyiv: US confirms Russia's retreat from Ukraine capital

The US Pentagon confirmed that the Russian forces have completely retreated from Ukraine’s capital Kyiv after an unsuccessful attempt at a takeover. But the war is not over.


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Ukraine-Russia War: Zelenskyy warns of WW III and 10 big updates

It will soon be a month since Russia invaded Ukraine and a war broke out. So far, hundreds of civilians in Ukraine have been killed, many more wounded and talks are yet to conclude.


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What is happening to mega-yachts of Russian oligarchs?

The rich love their floating homes and the power that comes with it. But yachts belonging to Russian oligarchs are getting seized and need to be hidden. What now?


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Ukraine-Russia War LIVE Updates: US bans Russian oil, Zelenskyy says won't beg for NATO membership

The Ukraine-Russia War is changing the economic dynamics of the world in a significant way. Here are the latest updates.


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Ukraine-Russia War is going to cost EU a lot for oil and gas: A breakdown

Even though 40 per cent of Europe's crude oil comes from Russia, the EU was among the first in the world to impose sanctions on Russia. Was it a good move though?