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No-confidence motion, Siddaramaiah, Karnataka government, D k shivakumar

What explains the importance of DK Shivakumar for the Congress

Karnataka government will face confidence motion on July 18, the one man who has put forth his best to keep the Congress MLAs together is DK Shivakumar.


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Jds-congress alliance, Bjp in karnataka, Siddaramaiah, Yeddyurappa

A political drama of naked greed: How the Kar'nataka' played out and the MLAs rebelled

In Karnataka’s current political climate, loyalty is rare and commands a high premium. The BJP knows this. That's one reason why it's pushing, but slowly.


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Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Siddaramaiah, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha Results 2019: What the Congress must learn

The Congress must drop its soft Hindutva and janeu-dhari politics. It must ensure NYAY spreads. And it must seriously consider a major change of leadership with Amarinder Singh for top job.


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Priyanka Gandhi, Deve Gowda, Siddaramaiah, Mahagatbandhan

Lok Sabha 2019: Is the Congress losing the plot?

With Lok Sabha polls nearly here, Congress does not have a stable hand on key states like Bihar, Bengal, J&K, Karnataka, Maharashtra and UP. The BJP's strong electoral management stands out in sharp contrast.


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Misogyny, Jamal ara, Karnataka, Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah's brutish behaviour to a woman is on camera. Is the Congress watching?

The former CM of Karnataka pushed and shoved a woman because misogynist men use women to assert their power and they know they will get away with it. Where are the champions of women's empowerment, Congress leaders Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi?


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Hd kumaraswamy, Siddaramaiah, Mysore, Ramanagara

Why Siddaramaiah and HD Kumaraswamy are divided over Karnataka's new film city

While the former chief minister wants the project to be set up in Mysore, the incumbent wants it to be set up in Ramanagara district.


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Congress-jds, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Siddaramaiah

Congress-JD(S) cry foul over BJP government, but who did Karnataka really vote for?

It's worth noting that 17 of the 30 ministers in Siddaramaiah's cabinet lost their seats, that too by sizable margins.


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Siddaramaiah, Deve Gowda, Hd kumaraswamy, JD(S)

Why Congress-JD(S) sing, I love you (like I hate you)

Both parties have a bitter past of harsh words, broken deals, stinging barbs. How long will their new romance last?


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Yeddyurappa, Kumaraswamy, Siddaramaiah, Karnataka Assembly polls

Karnataka verdict: 3 scenarios that can play out in next couple of days

It's time to look back at 2008's Operation Kamala.


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Congress, Yeddyurappa, Siddaramaiah, BJP

Karnataka election results reflect failure of Congress and triumph of Modi magic

Caste and community considerations may not have been cleaned out in Karnataka, but Modi has certainly overturned, if not overridden them.