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Busan, South Korea, World's first floating city, Oceanixcity

We might just shift to a floating city in the next few years. 6 things you need to know

UN has joined hands with South Korea and Oceanix to launch a beehive-shaped floating city by 2025 that will survive and sustain on water. What does it look like?


 |  8-minute read
Good Friday, South Korea, Karan Johar, Telangana mother

DailyOh! When Karan Johar sang without training, to how eggs in Jamaica predict longevity on Good Friday

The lockdown is bringing out the best in everybody - from KJo's singing skills to the who rode 1400 kms on her Scooty to get her son back home.


 |  5-minute read
Kim jung-sook, Suriratna, South Korea, Ayodhya

How a monument dedicated to a South Korean queen in Ayodhya is a symbol of India’s soft power

The visit of South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook has solidified the ties between New Delhi and Seoul.


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Korean peninsula, Bilateral Ties, Moon Jae-in, South Korea

How Moon Jae-in’s visit can provide a new impetus to India-Korea relations

The visit will provide a great opportunity for President Moon and Prime Minister Modi to prepare a road map to carry the partnership to the next level.


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Literature, South Korea, Rabindranath Tagore

Why Korea loves Rabindranath Tagore

The laureate plays a special role in Indo-Korean relations.


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Donald Trump, South Korea, North Korea, China

How Kim Jong-un has surprised the world by reaching out to South Korea for peace

The North Korean leader has said he is looking forward to his meeting with US President Donald Trump over the coming few weeks.


 |  8-minute read
Army, India, South Korea, K-9 howitzer mishap

Should Korean mishap raise doubts over Indian Army's future artillery gun?

Accidents during firing of guns have been a part and parcel of a gunner’s life since time immemorial.


 |  4-minute read
Donald Trump, South Korea, US, North Korea

Why warmongers are talking of pre-emptive strikes on North Korea

What does a small nation do when powerful countries continue hitting with punishing sanctions, and more?

Music video, Women, South Korea

South Korea has banned this video. You won't believe why

No one is quite sure why. While some say the music video has racy visuals, others feel it contains offensive lyrics.


 |  Gloves Off  |  2-minute read
Vegan, South Korea, Veg Food, Vegetarianism

No veggie delight in South Korea

Even with money in my pocket, it was slow starvation.