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Narendra Modi, ISIS, Terrorism, Sri lanka serial blasts

In the heat of electoral battle do not forget Sri Lanka. Terror must be tackled

With India in the frenzy of elections, the importance of using pre-emptive foreign policy initiatives to tackle the threat of international terror looms larger than ever in the wake of Sri Lankan terror attacks.


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Sri lanka serial blasts, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Terror attack, ISIS

Sri Lanka Terror Attack: What should India note?

It was ISIS. Gaurav Sawant talks to Srijana Mitra Das about what this means for India.


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LTTE, Islamic Terror, Sri Lanka, Sri lanka serial blasts

Sri Lanka’s Islamist nightmare: Why the investigation is being closely watched by India and Maldives

The ISIS aims to heighten religious tensions through mass casualty attacks on places of worship. Sri Lanka has so far not focused intensively on ISIS recruits and splinter groups. That will change.