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Tamil Nadu, DMK, AIADMK, Violence

Those who lost their loved ones in Tuticorin police firing deserve answers

Why did civilian protesters face police firing, many losing their lives, others, their limbs? Isn't the system meant to protect the vulnerable, not attack them?


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SC, Copper plant, #NGT, Sterlite

Sterlite case: Why the people of Tuticorin feel let down by the NGT's order

On May 22, the coastal town of Tuticorin changed forever after ghastly police firing on the 100th day of protests against Vedanta’s Sterlite copper plant. Many lost their limbs, livelihoods and loved ones. Now, the NGT wants Sterlite to reopen.


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Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu, Sterlite, Sterlite protests

Sterlite protests: Don't slam Rajinikanth the politician for his 'graveyard' comment

He reflected the ordinary citizen’s perception.


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Vedanta group, Tamil Nadu, Sterlite, Tuticorin protests

How Tamil Nadu stood and watched as police fired bullets at Tuticorin protesters

Locals have been protesting against the Sterlite copper plant which is alleged to be the cause of grave health and environmental damage.


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Vedanta, Tamil Nadu, Sterlite

Why hundreds of Tamils won't quit protests against Vedanta's Sterlite

Expansion of a copper plant that has, for decades, been accused of polluting the state’s air, water and soil seems like a cruel joke.