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Ghazipur dump yard, Taj mahal pollution, Garbage dump, Waste segregation

Standing taller than the Taj: The dump yard of Ghazipur

India's tallest rubbish mountain in Delhi is set to rise higher than Taj Mahal by 2020.


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Taj mahal pollution, Pollution, Ghazipur dump yard, Garbage dump

Because our garbage is greater than our glories: How the dump yard of Ghazipur will soon be taller than Taj Mahal

India's tallest garbage mountain, located in Delhi, will rise higher than the Taj Mahal by 2020. While this will make it the perfect symbol for the world's most polluted city, it is also a huge health hazard.


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Denmark pm visit, Taj mahal pollution, Air Quality Index, Pollution

Thank God we lack shame. We choke even foreign guests with our air, again and again.

Now the Danish PM witnessed a wonder of India through our poisonous grey air. Although our govt isn't embarrassed, our humble advice from the gas chamber — Thora adjust karlo, sir.


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Yamuna, Mc mehta, Taj mahal pollution, Taj Mahal

Save the Taj: Why the world won't forgive us for letting Taj Mahal become a victim of neglect

Government apathy and short-sighted development priorities are destroying India’s most iconic monument.