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Manmohan Singh, LK Advani, Uri the surgical strike, The Accidental Prime Minister

LK Advani seen watching 'Uri': 5 reasons why the BJP veteran didn't make it to 'The Accidental Prime Minister' theatre

Was it Manmohan Singh? Or something else? A few surmises on why Advani, a known film buff who's been a movie reviewer himself, was spotted at an 'Uri' show!


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Movie Review, Sanjaya baru, Akshaye khanna, Manmohan Singh

The 'Accidental Prime Minister' Movie Review: Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna star in an 'accidental' film

We're giving 'The Accidental Prime Minister' 1 star out of 5 — for effort. Watch 'Uri' instead.


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The Accidental Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Karan Johar, New bollywood

When Modi met Bollywood: What the industry's power picture with the Prime Minister proves

As Karan Johar wrote, Bollywood is now part of nation building. If the photo was a reflection of this, here's the nation we're meant to see.


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Uri the surgical strike, Thackeray, PM Narendra Modi, The Accidental Prime Minister

Bollywood lines up movies on political subjects: How this will add spice to 2019's electioneering

How much can reel-life portrayals influence real-life politics? Let’s wait and watch.


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Akshay Khanna, Vivek oberoi, Narendra modi biopic, PM Narendra Modi

Why I am aghast by the casting of 'The Accidental Prime Minister' and 'PM Narendra Modi'

When was the last time a film headlined by Vivek Oberoi or Anupam Kher worked at the box office?


 |  6-minute read
Sanjaya baru, Congress, Manmohan Singh, The Accidental Prime Minister

In protesting against 'The Accidental Prime Minister', the Congress seems to have forgotten what Manmohan Singh taught it

By calling for bans and boycotts, the Rahul Gandhi-led party must refrain from walking into the trap laid out by the BJP.


 |  Paradigm shift  |  7-minute read
BJP, Congress, The Accidental Prime Minister, Dr manmohan singh

Why I think the BJP is right in backing Anupam Kher and 'The Accidental Prime Minister'

It is perfectly logical for the BJP to endorse a film that agrees with its narrative. The movie will also reportedly showcase Dr Manmohan Singh's achievements, and the constant challenges to his authority from his own party.


 |  5-minute read
Anupam Kher, Narendra Modi, Manmohan Singh, The Accidental Prime Minister

Why Narendra Modi, not Manmohan Singh, is the real accidental Prime Minister

There is no doubt Singh is a Congress loyalist, but there is also no doubt that he is a true nationalist dedicated to the cause of serving the country.


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Anupam Kher, The Accidental Prime Minister, Madhur Bhandarkar, Indu Sarkar

Opportunism, Bollywood style

After the announcement of a film starring Anupam Kher as a thinly disguised Manmohan Singh, comes the trailer of Madhur Bhandarkar's Indu Sarkar.