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Twitter, Chinese censorship, Feroza aziz, Tiktok

TikTok pulling down US teen's video on Uighur Muslims tells what really scares China

Many ugly realities lie hidden behind the Great Firewall of China.


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Tiktok, Chinese Economy, Data Security, Digital colonisation

India needs a new Gandhi to fight Chinese digital colonisation

Chinese companies continue to secure and store the largest amount of consumer data from the world's fastest growing consumer market - India.


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Tiktok, Instagrammers, Social media influencer, Instagram

Instagram to remove 'likes' and video view counts: Is this social media's demonetisation moment?

But, do we 'like' this new idea from Instagram?


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Sani nari sauna, Dj kantik, Taki taki, Tiktok

Listen up. TikTok does have a plus side!

From Taki Taki to Kul and more, the 22-day-long ban on TikTok made us realise the musical effect of the Chinese music video app on our playlists


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China, Madras HC, Social Media, Tiktok

Ban vs un-ban: Why the Tiktok ban was simply a ticking time bomb!

For the moment, time seems to be on Tiktok's side. But the freedom of expression we take for granted isn’t that infinite after all! For even when the freedom was taken from us, we could do nothing.


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China, Madras HC, Social Media, Tiktok

Ticking Again: TikTok was banned in India for three weeks. Here’s what happened in those 21 days

For TikTok and its Indian fans, surprisingly, justice was not delayed!


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Tiktok, China, Social Media, RSS

5 reasons why I think TikTok should be banned

Why will you go to your ex's wedding? To shoot a TikTok video?