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Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Francois Hollande, Dassault aviation

Why the Rafale aircraft controversy is a gift that keeps on giving

This multi-billion dollar defence deal has given Twitterati a chance to do what they know best – flood the internet with memes and (at times bad) jokes.


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Marijuana, Uday Chopra, Twitter, Social Media

The curious case of Uday Chopra's tweets: Finally, we solved the mystery

In 2003, Uday Chopra wished Diwali a very happy birthday on the day of Diwali!


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Dev, Twitter, Freedom of Speech, West Bengal

A scary story about being harassed by cops over a tweet in West Bengal

Indranil Roy, a veteran film journalist, apparently offended film star and TMC MP Dev with one simple tweet.


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Twitter, Social media bans, Infowars, Alex jones

Twitter is happy to permanently ban Alex Jones. But what about his Indian counterparts?

It would seem that Twitter only takes notice when problems get way out of hand. Hopefully, they won’t wait that long in India.


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Bhima Koregaon, Twitter, Urban naxals, Vivek Agnihotri

Why those slamming Vivek Agnihotri’s call for a 'list' on Twitter are only helping him

The ongoing Twitter exercise will serve just one purpose — ensure the continued relevance of a failed filmmaker.


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Twitter, Entertainment, Reality shows, Indian idol

Broken Idol: Indian Idol aspirant writes long moan about unreal show. But reality shows are not real. What’s new about that?

The solution is to stop queuing up for auditions to attain quick fame. Or better, stop watching these 'reality' shows.


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Social Media, Hate Speech, Twitter, Alex jones

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s account suspended for seven days: Is Twitter using sprinklers to battle a blaze?

The platform’s efforts to curb hate speech and abuse, even if well-intentioned, are agonisingly slow.


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Thailand cave rescue, Boring company, SpaceX, Twitter

Elon Musk shows why we shouldn't make cult figures out of our tech geniuses

The tech billionaire has received much flak for his tweet against Vern Unsworth. But are we also to blame?