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Social media viral, Social media stars, Viral Video, Ordinary people

5 times talented, ordinary people became stars on social media overnight

You may have come across the video for a Pakistan man dressed as a clown singing a Bollywood song and winning hearts. Well, he is not the only one. Here are 5 such extraordinary stories of ordinary people.


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Australia aboriginal, Viral Video, Markmcgowan

Twitter calls Australian minister Mark McGowan sick for getting speech translated to Aboriginal-English

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan shared a Covid message, which he had an indigenous elder translate from English to Aboriginal-English. Twitter is furious with the racist, sick viral video.


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Viral Video, Instagram trend, Bingbong trend, Jonas brothers

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas, with Joe Biden join viral Bing Bong Instagram reel trend. Why?

A unique collaboration between Jonas Brothers and US President Joe Biden has taken the internet by surprise as they use Instagram and TikTok's viral Bing Bong trend to drive a message home.


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Viral Video, Pakistan viral video, Pakistan train driver, Pakistanrailways

Viral video from Pakistan shows driver stopping an entire train to get dahi. We don't know how to react

In Pakistan, a train driver stopped his entire train mid-journey because he had to - hold my bowl - get dahi. Curd, yes.


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Viral Video, Jcb wedding video, Wedding viral video, Weddingvideos

Seen the JCB shaadi blunder? 9 viral videos and a story to prep you for a no-mistake wedding

If you saw that viral video of the JCB crane wedding blunder, you would agree that couples need to get their lessons right before they get married. Here's a list of some of them.


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Railways, Mumbai Local, Viral Video, Stampede

Why it was easy to believe the Elphinstone stampede victim was molested

As cops investigate if the viral video showed sexual assault, we as a society need to ask ourselves some questions.


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Viral Video, New York

I went viral for singing while cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge

Pretty insane to turn on your computer and discover 350,000 people have been watching a video of you that you never knew was recorded.


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Viral Video, Deepika Padukone, Depression

Deepika Padukone's #DobaraPoocho is spreading wrong information about depression

The new campaign by the actor's NGO is an example of what happens when serious issues are compressed into viral videos.


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Viral Video, Animal Cruelty, Social Media

What sick pleasure can you get from burning 3 puppies alive and making a video of it?

They got their 15 seconds of fame.


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Anil Kapoor, Uttar Pradesh, Train Stunts, Viral Video

Performing stunts on trains and train tracks is not cool

The problem also seems to be in the way 'role models' behave in India.