Wendy Doniger
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American Indologist whose professional career has spanned five decades.


 |   4-minute read

Wendy Doniger on how India's sexual conservatism is a result of the British, not Mughals

[Book extract] Many of the English-speaking Hindus came to accept the British evaluation of Hinduism, in a kind of Stockholm syndrome.


 |   20-minute read

How Budur - the king - almost raped her husband Qamar

[Book excerpt] She plays the trick on him in order to exert power over him as he had exerted power over her, to put him in danger of being raped just as his absence had put her in danger of being raped.


 |   6-minute read

Wendy Doniger on how Kamasutra blurs the line between rape and sex

[Book Extract] As if speaking back to Kautilya's Arthashastra, Vatsayana ends up establishing a code of accepted sexual violence.


 |   3-minute read

Wendy Doniger on why The Gita explains the rise of a martial Hindutva

It takes a certain kind of religion in thrall of politics to turn the Bhagavad Gita, a book about war and peace, into a bible for pacifism.