Geetanjali is a cartoonist and illustrator at DailyO. She loves to depict social, political, and economic news through satirical visual narratives. Animals, coffee and comics excite her the most.

By Geetanjali

Ever felt anxious or sweaty while thinking about your finances? Well, hope it's not 'Money Anxiety' that you are dealing with. To understand better, take a look at this visual guide and save yourself before it is too late!
An introduction to money anxiety.
You start avoiding money conversations.
You start overspending.
You start over-analyzing.
You become the money hoarder.
You feel the pressure to compete financially with your peers.
How to cope with money anxiety?
Indians and their obsession with drinking chai the 'noisy' way
Indians (especially mothers) and their obsession with their favourite Tupperware products is at another level.
Irrespective of where they are, Indians are obsessed over burping loudly after having a wholesome meal.
Our favourite passtime has to be gossiping about others.
Be it any wall in the country, you will always find that long 'paan ki peek' because we Indians can't do without spitting.
The second thing which Indians love (the first being cricket) is using cuss words.
You are not an Indian if you cannot bargain with the shopkeeper bhaiya. Bargaining runs in our blood since ages.
The most talked about topic is marriage. We obsess over discussing others' married life.
"Arey lekin log kya kahenge?" is a line we all must have heard from somebody at least once in our life. 
Yes, we’re introverts
We like spending time in doing what we love, and not what others expect us to do.
We process a thousand things in our mind before talking to anyone.
We might not be expressive in real, but we can write long paragraphs about how we feel.
You will mostly find us with a straight face but we too deal with a 1000 emotions inside.
We have a master’s degree in overthinking.
Sometimes (mostly) we avoid talking to anybody because it just takes a lot of effort.
When we open ourselves up, we feel that we’ve taken off our clothes.
An introvert’s style guide.
You would probably find us enjoying our own company (and ‘NO’ we don’t feel sad or lonely)
Yes, we’re introverts and we are happy in the little bubbles that we create for ourselves.
Looking at the aftermath of Diwali celebrations through cinema

Another year, another Diwali, and yet another prolonged period of dealing with the aftermath of the firecracker-filled festival. The Air Quality Index (AQI) has dropped to concerningly low levels across the country, but the worst-affected like every year is the Delhi-NCR region.

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Self-proclaimed wedding jurors
The 'here only for food' gang
That 'one' brother who does all the chores
The evergreen and wild 'baraati' dancers
The unwanted photographer/ videographer
The hungry and tired newelyweds
That 'one' angry and pissed relative
The drunk and jolly uncles
Yes, kids are always cute but we all must be familiar with their mischiefs and uninterrupted whining throughout the day. This visual story takes you through different instances which prove that kids can be little monsters too!
They start fighting for no reason (or stupid reasons!)
Kids are cute until they start watching their favourite show on full volume.
They scratch your face, throw away your glasses or pee on your favourite shirt.
They spill out all internal gossips in front of outsiders.
They start picking their nose (and then lick it too!)
They try out all your makeup before you do.
They get super inquisitive.
Kids are cute until they annoy you by asking stupid questions.
They start whining in front of public.
'Types of people on a vacation'
'The shutterbug'
'The perpetual planner'
'The sleepy head'
'The serial complainer'
'The over adventurous'
The 'pack it just in case'
'The one who is always drunk'
'The one who is always hungry'
This short comic portrays the unending irony of what my mind thinks and what I actually do.
Me who does not want love vs. Me searching for my soulmate
Me  does my back hurt every time?
Me stressing out because of work vs. Me wasting my time
Me during a fight vs. Me while replying to them
me during work vs at night
Me who thinks I am a superman vs. Me who gets scared of literally everything
Me who hates taking advice vs. Me who suffers in the end
Me minding my own business vs. Me who loves to hear gossip
Me in any minor inconvenience
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