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Caste Politics, Communist party of india, CPI(M), Communist

Why it is time the Left changed their stand on caste

The Leftist political parties of India have never allowed Dalit representation because they do not even believe in the word "Dalit".


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Bjp in uttar pradesh, Congress exodus, Jitin prasada, Up2022RIGHT Foot Forward

What Jitin Prasada's move to BJP means

Coming ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections, for which Priyanka Vadra Gandhi is being positioned as a challenger to Yogi Adityanath, Jitin Prasada’s defection is an early sign of revolt by the local leadership.


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Central vista redevelopment project, Arts, Indian culture, Centralvista

Culture and symbols: Why India needs the Central Vista Redevelopment Project

If our outdated and under-dimensioned buildings are to be given way for new locations and modern upgrades, then we can't blame Covid's time. Covid hit India officially in March 2020. Plans for the CVRP were sanctioned and approved in 2019.


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Covid vaccine politics, Opposition, PM Narendra Modi, Covid-19

How India is on course to script historic vaccination success

Buoyed by PM Modi's strategic changes, India's vaccination program is in resurgent mode and on course to script a historic global success.


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West bengal assembly elections 2021, Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee, Abhishekbanerjee

Why Abhishek Banerjee's image makeover will help bring him out of Mamata's shadow

Abhishek Banerjee does not have any competition within the Trinamool Congress, but he has a challenge for himself. He needs to come out of the image of a 'prince' and the shadow of his aunt, and be a people's leader.


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Jammu and kashmir police, Militancy in kashmir, Rakeshpandita

Why J&K BJP leader Rakesh Pandita's killing is a policing failure

New Delhi needs to review its policy on Kashmir. At least with regard to the revival of smart policing — something that can save human lives — and also prevent the police from issuing statements, which seemingly abuse the idea of democracy.


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Narendra Modi, Bjp in uttar pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, Uttar pradesh elections 2022

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022: What BJP needs to keep in mind

Uttar Pradesh is going to be the most keenly observed Assembly election of 2022. It is a make-or-break election for the BJP, especially Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.


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Narendra Modi, Israel-India ties, Benjamin Netanyahu, IsraelpalestineconflictRIGHT Foot Forward

Why it is now time for India to shed old inhibitions and say Shalom

#IndiaWithIsrael has been trending on social media since the present conflict broke out. Much of it can be attributed to the overt friendship between Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Welfare schemes, Ysrcp, Ys rajasekhara reddy, YS Jaganmohan Reddy

Why narcissism marked the schemes in Jagan's AP Budget

Almost a dozen schemes were named after YSR, while three welfare schemes have ‘Jagananna’ as their adjective, if not a proper noun.


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India today magazine, Healthcare system collapse, Government negligence, Covidsecondwave

Covid 2.0 and The Failed State

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the extent of this negligence by the governments that failed to anticipate the second wave of Covid-19, in the May 17, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.