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 |  8-minute read
Indian Navy, Book Extract, Book excerpt, Bangladesh War

DailyO's Good Books: 'Operation X: The Untold Story of India's Covert Naval War in East Pakistan 1971'

Presenting a riveting excerpt from Captain MNR Samant and Sandeep Unnithan's thrilling account of the war that made Bangladesh and India's secret naval service that swung the war.


 |  6-minute read
British India, Army, Book Extract, The story of jodhpur lancers

Of bravery and epic victories: The Story of Jodhpur Lancers (1885-1952)

The book explores the history of the erstwhile State of Jodhpur and the heroic exploits and magnificent gallantry displayed by its army.


 |  10-minute read
Book Extract, Azadi, Maqbool Bhat, Kashmir

Where Kashmir Stands: Edited excerpt from Anam Zakaria's new book 'Between The Great Divide'

A book that explores the human dimension of the Kashmir conflict, through voices often lost in politics and militarism


 |  15-minute read
Mahabharata, Book Extract, Mars Orbiter Mission, Jugaad

From ancient scriptures and Mahabharata to mars mission, why India works on jugaad

The word isn’t just a simple noun but a popular adjective too.


 |  6-minute read
Book Extract, Civilisation, India, Mark twain

When Mark Twain said India has no notion of progress

[Book extract] Fighting and quarrelling must be the common business of life...


 |  4-minute read
Wendy Doniger, Book Extract, Kamasutra, Sexual conservatism

Wendy Doniger on how India's sexual conservatism is a result of the British, not Mughals

[Book extract] Many of the English-speaking Hindus came to accept the British evaluation of Hinduism, in a kind of Stockholm syndrome.


 |  15-minute read
Kerala, Sex workers, Book Extract

A sex worker on why Malayali men are the worst to women

[Book extract] In Kerala, even a sixty-four-year-old woman like me won’t be able to find a house.


 |  4-minute read
Rajasthan Royals, Sreesanth, Book Extract, Match Fixing

IPL spot-fixing episode in 2013: What happened behind closed doors

[Book extract] Captain Rahul Dravid was distraught. He had his hands on his head and just couldn’t speak.


 |  23-minute read
Book Extract, Air hostess, Indians abroad, Air travel

An ex-flight attendant reveals how to handle tall egos, molesters and unruly travellers

[Book extract] Air travel can be unpleasant.


 |  Singh for your supper  |   Long-form
India, Mahua, Wine, Alcohol

A short history of India's drinking culture

[Book extract] From the Vedic period to the time of the Persian invaders, the country has had a heady past.