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Carnatic Music, Casteism, Dissent, TM Krishna

Delhi will forever be grateful to TM Krishna for freeing our 'caged' minds

The reason why the audience turned up that day was to ensure that an artist’s voice is heard and discussed, and not silenced by vicious trolling.


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TM Krishna, Carnatic Music, Syncretism, Culture wars

TM Krishna: The concert and the questions

In choosing to sing of all gods with passion, Krishna has evoked an age-old Indian tradition. He’s also left his critics fuming, which is a wonderful note to strike.


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Airport authority of india, Spic-macay, Concert, Right-wing

Stifling song: You may disagree with TM Krishna's views. But you cannot stifle his singing

Love him, hate him, disagree with his secularism, troll him for his views — T M Krishna cannot be gagged or ignored


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Chinmayee sripada, Sudha raghunathan, T m krishna, Casting Couch

#MeToo in Carnatic music - Why there's such silence on the caste dynamics that rule the Sabhas

Carnatic and Bharatnatyam's cultural worlds are hit by two paradoxes. Sexual harassment vs a veil of hypocrisy based on caste and piety.


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Sexual harassment, Timesup, #MeToo, Carnatic Music

An open letter to the sexual predators of the Carnatic music community

For the first time ever, the Carnatic music community in North America and India has come together demanding action against sexual predators in the field.


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Hindutva, Carnatic Music, Aruna sairam, TM Krishna

The right note: Carnatic music is not only for Hindus

Singers like TM Krishna, Srinivas and Nithyashree are facing flak from right-wing Hindu groups for singing Christian hymns in Carnatic styles. Some reject boundaries on their music though.


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Caste, Classical Music, Carnatic Music, Art

How I discovered Karnatik music is caged by caste

[Book extract] With art becoming an agent for social organisation, the artist is nothing but a pawn.


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Biography, Carnatic Music, MS Subbulakshmi

Tribute to music legend Subbulakshmi, who held Gandhi, Nehru and ustads in thrall

[Book extract] Sarojini Naidu had once proudly said she had surrendered her 'Nightingale of India' title to MS.


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Dalits, Carnatic Music, TM Krishna

Cultures are not bound by lines we draw on a map: TM Krishna's Magsaysay address

'Democracy demands that society's wealth, physical and cultural, be shared with openness, respect and love.'


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Music, TM Krishna, Carnatic Music

I'm bored reading yet another article on 'Brahminical' Carnatic music

Yeh kya double standard hai?