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Islamabad, Beijing, China, Pakistan

Imran Khan's Silk Road journey: Why Pakistan's economic dependence on China is set to grow

The two states will continue to view each other as important partners, especially as India’s rise continues to worry Islamabad and cause anxiety in Beijing.


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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Growth, Economy

How China's tightened control over think tanks is impacting its foreign affairs

The Party’s new policies have discouraged policy advisers from having in-depth discussions with their US counterparts.


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Internet restrictions, Human Rights Violations, China, Google

Google planning to launch a censored search engine in China is irresponsible

This search engine, code named Dragonfly, will block websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.


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Crimes against Women, Sexual harassment, #MeToo, China

Why China's #MeToo movement is here to stay

Country’s most prominent television personalities and public figures are now in the eye of the storm.


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Xi Jinping, Economy, Trade, China

Why China, not Trump, is India’s biggest trade challenge

Beijing is India’s biggest trading partner, but also the biggest contributor to India’s trade deficit.


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Xi Jinping, South china sea, Washington, China

How India can benefit from Trump's trade war on China

While Beijing and Washington contest the future, India must use this window of opportunity to create its own global nous.


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Donald Trump, United States, Pakistan, China

Why Modi's foreign policy has been pragmatic and confident

While judging the successes and failures of our foreign policy, a realistic view should be taken of the multiple challenges we face.


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Dalai Lama, Chinese taipei, China, Taiwan

With AI renaming Taiwan 'Chinese Taipei', India appeases China, only for crumbs

India caves in to Chinese pressure again, sidestepping its own strategic interests and the lessons of history.


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China, Chinese taipei, Taiwan, Air India

Taiwan to ‘Chinese Taipei’: Air India could barely fly. Now, it crawls

The Indian government has ignored a lot that is wrong with the Maharaja, but has made sure it is super-polite to China.


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Lynch mobs, WhatsApp, Wechat, China

'Lynchistan' India is proving the great 'firewall' of China right

Brutal lynchings fuelled by rumours spread via unrestricted WhatsApp in India is making the Chinese model of tight control on internet and messaging look good.