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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Global power, China

Why China cannot be considered a dependable global power

Beijing is so obsessed with becoming the power center of the world that it does not even hesitate to use unfair means to reach its objectives


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Xi Jinping, Muslim, Pakistan, China

Why is Pakistan silent about attacks on Muslims in China?

Pakistan must learn from Tibet, which has nearly lost its identity.


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China, Interpol chief, Missing, Meng hongwei

China's great wall: The mysterious case of the missing Interpol Chief

Meng Hongwei was reportedly detained over corruption. But Beijing is steadily 'vanishing' dissidents and diaspora Chinese from around the world.


 |  Musings from afar  |  4-minute read
Xi Jinping, Diplomacy, Debt trap, Pakistan

Why China could lose its 'all weather friend' Pakistan

The world is pushing back against Beijing's debt-trap diplomacy.


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Xi Jinping, BJP, Narendra Modi, Doklam

Why Bhutan's 2018 general election results could concern India

A change in guard at Thimphu could mean a pro-China tilt. As such, India needs to retain its primacy in Bhutan's foreign policy priorities.


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Communism, China, India-Nepal relations, Nepal

Why the Nepali communist challenge to India is deadly

Nepal impinges directly on India’s security. As its ruling communist party leans to China, and skips the first BIMSTEC drill, India must stop treating it with kid gloves.


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Donald Trump, Diplomacy, Xi Jinping, China

Why Donald Trump's fixation on trade issues can hurt India

Washington has threatened to review GSP benefits it offers to India if its several demands are not met.


 |  The Bigger Picture  |  5-minute read
Focac, China-africa cooperation summit, One Belt One Road, United States

Why China's push for Africa should concern India

Beijing has been Africa’s largest trading partner since 2008.