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Communist china, Hong kong protest, Uyghur muslims, China

Xi Jinping's many problems: Hong Kong to Xinjiang

Beijing faced a 'tsunami' in favour of the pro-democracy movement and then its atrocities on Uyghur Muslims were exposed to the world.


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FTA, China, ASEAN, Rcep

Why Modi's decision on not joining RCEP makes a lot of sense

India has a trade deficit to the tune of $184 billion with the 15 member countries.


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China, Tiananmen Square, Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping

Is Xi Jinping all that powerful?

One can understand that India will not be a priority for Xi, but, can China afford a clash with India, adding yet another headache for its President?


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China, One country, two systems, Carrie lam, Hong Kong protests

Why Hong Kong protesters can no longer back out

Protesters are not fighting against a piece of legislation. They are fighting something much bigger.


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Britain, Extradition bill, China, Hong Kong protests

Why Hong Kong is exploding in China's face: The friction between the two has long roots

China's latest extradition bill is only the spark to tinder that has accumulated over years. China and Hong Kong have been at loggerheads with each other and this goes back a long way.


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Taiwan, China, Us china trade war, Vietnam

South China Sea on the boil. What should India do to tame the Dragon?

Unless India lends its voice and support to the cause of smaller regional states, China will continue to advance its claims primarily on account of its ‘might is right’ strategy.


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China, India, Tariff, Xi Jinping

Modi's Trump Card: How Narendra Modi can control Donald Trump's domination of Asian nations

Donald Trump's ‘My way or highway’ approach leads to discord and heightens prospects of conflicts. It isn’t diplomacy, it's dadagiri! And India, led by PM Modi, must stand up to it.


 |  7-minute read
Us sanctions, Trump administration, China, Pakistan

Pakistan's Triangle of Ties: Islamabad's relations with both China and the US are increasing misgivings on all sides

China is clearly using Pakistan as a pawn to further its own dreams of dominance. The US is far from pleased at this. How can India manage a situation that is both delicate, and volatile?


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Avni the tigress, Trophy hunters, Traditional chinese medicine, Hungary

A baby White Lion, and a watchful dragon: Why China's enthusiasm for animals rings so false

Hungary welcomed a rare female white lion cub, born in the Szeged Zoo. The news went viral and China jumped in with their good wishes too. But why is their track record on animals so beastly?


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China, Imran Khan, Imf bailout, Pakistan

Naya Pakistan, Purana Debt Trap: Why an IMF bailout package of $6 billion places Imran Khan in a painful spot

After trying to avoid the IMF, Pakistan is back at its knees. However, the current bail-out package proposed is a tough one for Islamabad to swallow. Can Imran Khan survive this strain?