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Michelle bachelet, Supreme Court, Citizenship amendment act, Unhcr

Why India needs to be on the 'rights' side of the United Nations

When UN OHCHR sought to file an intervention application in the Supreme Court against CAA, the Indian government claimed that no foreign party has locus standi on CAA as it pertains to Indian sovereignty.


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National population register, Mahatma Gandhi, Citizenship amendment act, Shaheen bagh

Shaheen Bagh is a sentiment that lives on

The protest and protesters draw their strength from Gandhian ideology.


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Citizenship, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Citizenship amendment act, Shaheen bagh

Lessons Shaheen Bagh can teach us

The protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act ambushed the government and surprised India.


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Shaheen bagh, Citizenship amendment act, Mukesh Singh, Nirbhayagangrapecase

DailyOh! The quickest death sentence in India to why wear yellow on Basant Panchami

You are celebrating Basant Panchami in yellow, but Egypt doesn’t like the colour.


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Dara Shikoh, Citizenship amendment act, Aurangzeb, Partition

Remembering Mughal prince Dara Shukoh in Modi era of Hindutva and Citizenship Amendment Act

Avik Chanda’s book Dara Shukoh, The Man Who Would Be King takes a hard look at the man, the ruler and the secularist in him.


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NRC, Citizenship amendment act, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi

Newsmaker of the Year: The power of two

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how the prime minister and his general set a radical new agenda that reshaped Indian politics in 2019, in the January 6 edition of the India Today Magazine.