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Justice patnaik committee, Sexual harassment, Supreme Court of India, Cji ranjan gogoi

Justice Gogoi case: Why Supreme Court staffer's reinstatement needs more clarity

What was the sexual harassment case against Justice Gogoi all about? Some questions need to be answered in order to uphold the credibility of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the people.


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Freedom of Expression, Supreme Court, Cji ranjan gogoi, Abhijit iyer mitra

Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s bail rejected: Are the feelings of religious people more important than the rights of the non-religious?

The SC saying ‘jail is the safest place for you’ trivialises the reality of custodial torture.


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Judiciary, CJI, Supreme Court, Cji ranjan gogoi

Why Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi's grand plans for the judiciary will be difficult to execute

The new CJI has vowed to overhaul the judiciary and resolve the huge pendency of court cases.