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Planetary health diet, Healthy eating, Fast Food, Climate change

The Planetary Health Diet: How to save yourself, and earth, with a new food plan

Less meat, less pollution. A new study finds less meat consumption is better for climate change and for you. But is America listening? Or is it still denying climate change while chomping on President Trump's 'hamberders'?


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Weather, Trump administration, Paris climate agreement, Climate change

I don't believe you: Donald Trump, world's biggest climate change denier

President Trump chooses not to believe the findings of a report put together by his own government that go against his credence of calling climate change a hoax. America, your only hope is 2020.


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Climate change, Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand floods 2013

Uttarakhand is facing severe environmental disasters – and we are to blame for it

Post the Kedarnath tragedy, 'no land use plan' has multiplied our climate woes.


 |  8-minute read
World environment day, Environment, Climate change

Don’t stop at #WorldEnvironmentDay. 10 simple rules to live by to save Earth

When was the last time clean environment became an election issue? Make it one.


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Climate change, Jairam thakur, Municipal corporation shimla, Shimla water crisis

Ex mayor of Shimla on why the hill town is facing a major water crisis

The serpentine queues formed to collect water in the city show how the BJP has failed to deliver on its promises.


 |  Wild Ways  |  6-minute read
Trees, Dust storms, Climate change, Nature

Why dust storms have left so many fallen trees in Delhi in their wake

With rising, apocalyptic air pollution, trees are a natural buffer we will literally choke without.


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Climate change, Fish, Kabul, Pakistan

How climate change threatens Pakistan's indigenous fish Sher Mahi

Sher Mahi is often compared with trout as both have similar small scales which don't have to be removed to cook the fish.


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Summers, Global warming, Climate change, IMD

This summer is going to be unusually hot. Are we prepared?

Between 2012 and 2016, 4,620 people died in the country because of heat exhaustion.


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Climate change, River linking project, Water Resources, River dispute

Why river linking will prove disastrous for India's water resources

Effective water resources planning aims at achieving economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and social justice.