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Tejashwi Yadav, Jair bolsonaro, Twitter, Donaldtrump

DailyOh! Did Trump mean Modi was in Big Mood, not bad; to Naveen Patnaik doing a Modi act

Twitter has deleted a tweet from the US President. But before that, Twitter deleted the tweets of another President.


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Nancy pelosi, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Donaldtrump

Why US authority stands undermined

The expectations are so low from Washington that even America's closest allies are not coordinating their responses with it.


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Donaldtrump, Onion prices, Article 142, Covid19

DailyOh: What do the President and PM earn, to how onion prices toppled governments

Covidiots today are those who harass their neighbours for doing their job as doctors.


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Usaairstrike, Mullah baradar, Donaldtrump, Taliban

How Trump handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban

Donald Trump admitted publicly that the Taliban could well take over power in Afghanistan, arguing that the United States cannot be there for another 20 years.


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North east delhi, Narendra Modi, Donaldtrump, India-us relations

What made Trump's India visit a political and diplomatic success

It must go to India's credit that despite his previous track record, Trump didn't embarrass the hosts.


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CII, India-us trade, Trump in india, Donaldtrump

Trump's visit to India: After hugs, let's talk economics

Rethinking Indo-US trade: India and United States have been strategic partners but wrinkles remain and for both countries to benefit, the diplomacy needs to go beyond the optics.


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Senate, Impeachment, Donaldtrump, Americapolarised

Donald Trump’s impeachment polarises USA further

American society is more polarised now than when Trump became the President. He has no incentive to ameliorate this situation now.


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Anger Management, Time magazine, Donaldtrump, Gretathunberg

Why Donald Trump needs anger management more than Greta Thunberg

Donald Trump, the world’s biggest bully, needs to work on his anger management. And then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend.


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Preventinganimalcrueltyandtortureact, Climatechange, Usnationalmarinefisheriesservice, Usfishandwildlifeservice

Why Donald Trump's Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act reeks of hypocrisy

Trump administration passing a law for preventing animal cruelty while watering down the US Endangered Species Act is downright hypocrisy.