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Farmers, Smog, Pollution, Wildlife

How faulty government policies ruined farmers and made our cities unbreathable

Environmental refugees have swelled the urban populations to levels well beyond anything existing infrastructure can handle.


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Farmers, Indian Economy, Yashwant Sinha, Narendra Modi

Economic upheaval is also the price of bigotry. Will hurt Modi government in 2019

Dissent, on the economy and also on some of the social and foreign policy approaches, is coming from within the BJP.


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Yogi Adityanath, Farm distress, Farmers, Loan waiver

Re 1 loan waiver for UP farmers can turn the joke on BJP in 2019

Government has done little for the farm sector apart from, of course, saying that agricultural growth is its main focus.


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Farmers, Loan waiver, Farmer crisis

How interest on loans kills Indian farmers

It is unethical on part of the commercial banks that in spite of crop failure, the farmer is pressured to pay off loans.


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Farmers, Madhya Pradesh, Mandsaur

How farmers' agitation has given Congress hope in Madhya Pradesh

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan had positioned himself as the farmer leader in the state.


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Crop Damage, Farmers, Mangoes

These mango farmers from Tamil Nadu are an example for the rest of India

Scientists working with Jain Irrigation Systems in Coimbatore invested 20 years to develop a system which has led to yields going up by four times.


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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh, Protests, Mandsaur

P Sainath explains why our farmers are so angry

The veteran journalist and expert on rural economy explained in a video issues such as loan waivers and the debt crisis.


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Congress, Farmers, Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi

Madhya Pradesh farmers' unrest: At least Rahul Gandhi has started trying

His last five outings seem to convey a sense of purpose to correct old mistakes and putting some energy into his party.