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Intermittent fasting, Autophagy, Weight loss diet, Fat burning

How to lose weight without a gym membership!

Here's a sure shot way to lose inches off your tummy that your gym instructor or your nutritionist won't tell you.


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Keema samosa, Fasting, Roza, Muslims in India

Iftar and the iconic Qeema Samosa: Celebrating Ramzan in Rampur with the delicacy is one of my fondest childhood memories

There is no other feeling in the world that can match up to the pleasure of breaking your roza with a bite of meaty, sumptuous and delectable Qeema Samosa.


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Pitru paksha, Amavasya, Fasting, মহালয়া

Navaratra and fasting: a transition from absolute denial to low-carb foods of yore, and finally, a high-carb party

On a food trail this festive season, which involves types of fasting and feasting


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Spiritual, Fasting, Muslim, Ramadan

Why I am a better person after every Ramadan

For the first time, I was doing something that wasn't primarily for myself, or for my parents.


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Fasting, Ramzan, Health, Dates

Dates are not just to break the Ramzan fast — they are a delicious and healthy choice otherwise too

Feast on them.


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Fasting, Quran, Health, Ramzan

Why Muslims fast on Ramzan (and how it should be done)

It is also a month of detox, something we otherwise spend a lot of money on.


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Hindu festival, Tradition, Fasting, Funny

11 silly things people are saying about Karva Chauth on Twitter

Regressive traditions bring all the jokes to the yard!


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Children's health, Fasting, Jain girl death

Jain girl’s death: We must protect children from ourselves

People visited the house and took selfies with the dying child.