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Indian liberals, Yum yum cha, Big chill, Khan market

Why Girish Karnad wasn't the 'Khan Market Gang': Because intellect never rests on the cushions of power

The 'Khan Market' tag came about because Delhi always had a hybrid of the socially networked with easy political access, but true intellectuals like Girish Karnad are known simply by their ideas.


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Ek tha Tiger, Utsav, RIP, Tiger Zinda Hai

Rest in peace, Girish Karnad. You will be missed!

A look at some of his best works...


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Tughlaq, Yayati, Hayavadana, Tiger Zinda Hai

Girish Karnad: Intellectual, artist and one of India's most fearless social voices

Karnad was an intellectual giant whose knowledge of, and contribution to, art, cinema and literature remains unmatched. He was also a fearless social voice who stood up for what he believed in.


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Birthdays, Girish karnad, Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan's birthday is irrelevant

This ugly episode tells us that we tend to forget people around us to fight over ancestors long gone.


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Girish karnad, Tipu Sultan

India must end history wars over Tipu and other controversial Sultans

We must confront the possibility that there are historical wounds as opposed to 'historical wrongs' that give rise to 'hurt sentiments'.


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VHP, Girish karnad, Tipu Sultan

When Tipu Sultan and Girish Karnad met and had a chat

A few memes to lighten up your mood.