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Delhi University, ABVP, Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar Kaur on what actually happened that February at Ramjas College

[Book excerpt] I want no one to go through what I went through, what my family went through.


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Bigotry, Gurmehar Kaur, Humans of Hindutva, Freedom of Expression

Humans of Hindutva founder on why he shut the Facebook page

I find it hilarious how some people are milking my personal predicament as an opportunity to show how oh-so-brave they are.


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Cyberbullying, Free Speech, Time magazine, Gurmehar Kaur

Time magazine honouring Gurmehar Kaur shows conviction trumps cacophony

The DU student who was threatened for expressing her views is a role model for young Indians.


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India-Pakistan Relations, Gurmehar Kaur

I am my father's daughter, not your 'martyr’s daughter'

I don’t want war because I know its price; it’s very expensive... I know better because I’ve paid it everyday, writes Gurmehar Kaur in her blog.


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Gurmehar Kaur, Ramjas Row, Intolerance

Why India's 'basket of deplorables' loves to hate Modi

The real target of DU students protests against 'stifling of dissent' is the growing ascendancy of BJP that threatens the established order.


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Gurmehar Kaur

Why I am proud of my friend Gurmehar Kaur

She resists being carried away by all the political support she’s being offered by opposing parties.


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Anti-nationals, India-Pakistan ties, Gurmehar Kaur

Why we shouldn't lose focus from Gurmehar's anti India-Pakistan war plea

The Modi regime has been engaged in open parade of patriotism, and war hysteria is being artificially generated for political dividend.


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Anti-nationals, Ramjas, Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar, Ramjas episodes show BJP doesn't want youth to think

Because when our young think, they will debate the pros and cons of nationalism, populism, authoritarianism and democracy.


 |  Simply Put  |  4-minute read
Virendra Sehwag, Gurmehar Kaur, Freedom of Speech

Gurmehar, Sehwag and Akhtar: Hypocrisy on free speech unmasked

Do we want celebrities to take a line or sit on the fence and be politically correct all the time?


 |  6-minute read
Narendra Modi, Twitter Trolls, ABVP, Gurmehar Kaur

Why Modi government and ABVP failed the Gurmehar Test of Nationalism

One can see this at the highest level in the Twitter response of those who are so important that the Prime Minister follows them on the website.