Humans of Hindutva founder on why he shut the Facebook page

Humans of Hindutva
Humans of HindutvaJan 04, 2018 | 12:26

Humans of Hindutva founder on why he shut the Facebook page

I keep having to clear the air but here is yet another attempt. Hope this rubbishes some of the rumours and misconceptions doing the rounds on social media:

1) I approached my local police station and explained my situation to an understanding officer who has offered to give me protection till this matter settles down. I have been advised to move (I am anyway a tenant) and have been advised to change my mobile number. I shall do so ASAP.


2) I have never said that one political party is better than another. I have never said that one religion is better than another. I have NEVER said that one political ideology is better than another. All I have consistently tried to argue is that maybe we need to treat each other equally and maybe we should not be divided along the lines of caste/religion/gender/sexuality/diet/class. F**k me for following the Constitution and promoting basic human decency right?

3) The gang of lalloos had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to pull the plug. I busted their dumb photoshopped attempts again and again and proved them wrong. Also, it's hilarious that she is accusing me of sexual assault. Because I posted a photo from the movie 'The Ring' to hint at her shock when she discovers that instead of the ISI-funded Jihadist she pegged me for, I'm a vegetarian Hindu? Such sexual assault, much wow.


4) A bunch of college kids who got their asses kicked by Gurmehar Kaur were claiming to shut me down? Hilarious.

5) Dear Gautam Benegal, I'm perplexed by your charge that I 'attacked you in a most hostile manner' over a conversation that exists only in your head. I thought we were on the same wavelength... which is why I even shared your posts. But I guess I was wrong. If you had a beef with me, how come it was never mentioned until after I was forced to quit? Really classy that. If you think my criticism of Liberals was directed at you then you are sadly mistaken. And I'm a fascist entity because I blocked the people who came in droves to abuse and threaten me? Come talk to me when you face thousands of trolls on a daily basis instead of fifty-odd people. Aur dost, tumhare SYMPATHY ka achaar dalunga kya main? I never asked anyone for sympathy, I simply explained why I was forced to quit. And if your SYMPATHY is so chindi that it sympathizes with those who make hate speech but not with those who get threats for ridiculing that hate speech then nahi chahiye tumhari SYMPATHY. I just hope that you and your family are never put in my situation.


6) There are some people who claim that I was taken down by Facebook for obscene content even after I gave ample evidence that this was not the case. They say I was removed for ridiculing a child in a RSS uniform. Firstly, I didn't find that photo in a private album. It was posted online by a father who called his daughter's classmates 'jokers' for dressing up for Christmas and went viral. He was the butt of my joke. If you think otherwise then please learn how to read.

7) I find it hilarious how some people are milking my personal predicament as an opportunity to show how oh-so-brave they are. They are the equivalent of that friend who shows up after the fight is over and says, "Agar main hota naa toh ekdum sub ko khatam kar deta boss! Next time pakka..." Arrey sweetheart, first you do something that puts you and your family in line of danger. Then talk. Do you actually think I don't use my real name to say the exact same things I say under anonymity? If my identity is ever made public then it will be clear that I am a lot more than a stupid Facebook page.


8) HOH will not be back. There are some idiots who think this whole thing was some sort of publicity stunt. Publicity for what exactly? I have always wanted to stay anonymous. What is this 'PUBLICITY' going to get me? A film career? A modelling contract? A political ticket? Only an oxymoron would accuse someone anonymous of seeking publicity.

(This post first appeared on Humans of Hindutva's Facebook page.)

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