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Nepali women, Racial Attacks, Racial slurs, Paatallok

Dear Paatal Lok makers, I am Nepali and I am not a r*ndi

Already misrepresented and underrepresented in popular media, the last thing the Nepali community should face is the existence of this dialogue as a reference of the community.


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Salman Khan, Tiger Zinda Hai, GirishkarnadKOCH DIARIES

How Girish Karnad became Tiger Zinda Hai actor

Did we really reduce Karnad to Tiger Zinda Hai actor? How could we?


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Hope, Mental Health, Covid-19, Coronavirus

Hope in the times of coronavirus

A man whose whole life has been riddled with Corona moments — wants me to tell you this: Hope is the only way to live and be.


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Joint families, Sukumari the crocodile, Lockdown, GrandmatalesKOCH DIARIES

The story of Sukumari the Crocodile, who couldn't turn back into a woman

You turn to stories when your reality resembles dystopia. Nothing hits home more these days than that idea of dystopia, which is a reality all of us are now living in.


 |  6-minute read
Family values, Love, Death, Coronavirus pandemic

Dealing with love, life and death in times of the coronavirus

There are countless many who have lost their lives during this pandemic while their families could only look on helplessly. One has so much to be grateful for.


 |  PARIS DIARY |  4-minute read
Bollywood, Irrfan Khan, Irrfan death, IrrfanPARIS DIARY

Remembering Irrfan: Looking death in the eye

Find your own metaphors but let death be part of life so that you can live to the fullest, fearlessly.


 |  KOCH DIARIES |  6-minute read
Indian Railways, Travelling, Covid-19, CoronaviruspandemicKOCH DIARIES

O Corona, when will we travel again?

As we sit in our homes, staring up at the sky for the sound of an aeroplane, there's only uncertainty ahead. You don't want your last trip to become your last.


 |  12-minute read
Covid-19, Coronavirus, Jerusalem, Lockdowninisrael

CORONICLES: Stuck in Israel, how I enjoyed Passover and some love for the season

The foremost tools in Israel's arsenal against the disease have been strong law enforcement, proactive decision making and technology.


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Covid-19, Justin Trudeau, Coronavirus, Lockdown

CORONICLES: How the lockdown taught me to be more considerate towards colleagues

When the Canadian government announced the lockdown, I was alone in a new country.


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Lockdown, Coronavirus, Copenhagen, Lockdownindenmark

Coronicles: Lockdown in the land of hygge

It was amazing how a whole country came together to follow the rules that were set up in such a quick span of time.