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Pakistan, Defence, Vistara, GD Bakshi

How GD Bakshi finally brought both Left and Right on the same platform

This Twitter drama over boycotting Vistara airline was absolutely unnecessary.


 |  #PostcardsFromParas |  4-minute read
Kamasutra, Human Rights violation, Gay stigma, Pride parade#PostcardsFromParas

Brunei, don't be a pain in the ass! The rich little nation decides on stoning gay men to death. It should learn lessons from India

Love is love. And Brunei, with all its money and monarchy, should take a lesson from our desi handbook. We knew all about love and respect before the West invented the terms.


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Marxist, Sheikh Abdullah, Jammu and Kashmir, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Red Star in Jammu: How a Marxist who took on Sheikh Abdullah in the 1970s has kept the fight for workers’ rights alive

Abdul Majid Khan has fought for workers' rights and communal harmony all his life. He has Bhagat Singh's photograph tucked in his pocket. He remembers when his house was raided by the govt, and his wife's only pair of gold earrings taken away.


 |  7-minute read
Jet airways crisis, Dawood Ibrahim, Naresh Goyal, Indian Airlines

Taking off with Jet: How one airline came to symbolize a new India, modern, aspirational, kind and cool

The death of the iconic carrier today is personal to many. But it says something deeper and more significant about the India story.


 |  Below The Belt |  8-minute read
Haji Ali, Women in mosques, Periods, MenstruationBelow The Belt

Women in Mosques: Are menstruating women the real threat to Islamic shrines? Or does the problem lie elsewhere?

Is the real problem over letting women into barred holy places actually allowing the sexes to mingle? And perhaps to forget the purpose of visiting a holy place? What is that purpose anyway?


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Lal Bahadur Shastri, Congress, Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek Agnihotri: 'I could never make 'Tashkent Files' under Congress govt. Urban Naxals don't question the state. They only want to ridicule one person'

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has made a sensation with his movie The Tashkent Files. Speaking with Rohit E David, Agnihotri discussed Congress reactions, freedom of expression under the BJP and his opposition to 'urban Naxals'.


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Mamata Banerjee, Taslima Nasreen, India, Bangladesh

Taslima Nasreen: 'If you're truly secular, encourage Muslim women not to wear burqa and introduce a universal civil code. Discard personal laws based on religion'

Taslima Nasreen, noted Bangladeshi author living in exile in India, spoke with Rohit E David on freedom of speech, the Muslim community, Narendra Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Asaduddin Owaisi and who's challenging radical jihadis.


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Citizenship amendment bill, NSA, Prison, Kishore chandra wangkhem

Kishore Chandra Wangkhem: 'In the last few years, freedom of speech has been suppressed. People who speak against the govt can get killed'

Manipur TV journalist Kishore Chandra Wangkhem was arrested under the National Security Act (NSA), for social media posts criticising the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just out of prison, Wangkhem spoke with Rohit E David about his experience.


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Sar geelani, Jammu and Kashmir, Sexual violence, Kashmir crisis

Kashmir's Silence Over Rape: Why is Kashmir so quiet over the horrific Bandipora incest-rape-suicide case?

Although gruesome incidents of sexual assault shake the Valley, they are downplayed in Kashmir's political and media circles. The only narrative that seems to matter is the “Kashmir cause”. Even incest and rape get buried under that.


 |  7-minute read
Mental Health, Children's health, Scarred children, School System

No More Fears: Why parents must insist schools have a mandatory anti-bullying program

When bullying can lead to as serious consequences as the victim's death, why is society, our schools and even parents turning a blind eye towards it? Is academic success all they care about?