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Mehbooba Mufti, Hurriyat hypocrisy, Amit shah home minister, Terrorism in kashmir

When it comes to terrorism, it’s all about the money in Kashmir

Going by Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech, the gloves have finally come off and the money trail in J&K will be followed to dismantle the terror industry that has been flourishing for decades in the valley.


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Hurriyat hypocrisy, Narendra Modi, Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370

Amit Shah has the will to thaw Jammu and Kashmir ice

Ultimately, the issue is not only legal but political. The government and the BJP must demonstrate the political will to eliminate Article 370. As the adage goes: “Where there is a will, there is a way.


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Narendra Modi, Pulwama, Hurriyat hypocrisy, Kashmir

What's really biting Kashmir: Separatists have softened their stand with Modi 2.0. But the problem is deeper

Home Minister Amit Shah has made the Modi 2.0 govt's tough stand on Kashmir amply clear. This extends to dealings with Pakistan as well. But the Valley faces a whole new threat.


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Hurriyat hypocrisy, Article 370, Amit shah narendra modi partnership, Kashmir

Talk About What? India should not waste a second with the Hurriyat, Pakistan's poisonous spent force

If Delhi talks to anyone, it must be to Kashmir's elected representatives and other stakeholders, not waste time on the perfidious and pointless Hurriyat, which has only harmed India's interests.


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Stone pelting, CRPF, Kashmir, Hurriyat hypocrisy

The tragedy behind Kashmiri youth crying over Hurriyat's hypocrisy in viral video

Even though the Hurriyat still enjoys considerable support, the anxiety and frustration among the people cannot be dismissed.