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India-US, Iran-us tussle, Chabahar port, India-iran relations

How restoring ties will help India and Iran

While critics in India argue that India had ignored Iran under US pressure, it is the other way round. It is Tehran that has ignored New Delhi and tried to actively derail Indo-Iranian ties by interfering in Indian domestic matters.


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India-iran relations, US-India Ties, Nikki Haley, 2+2 dialogue

Why India must hold its ground against US on buying oil from Iran

With Trump or without Trump, Washington needs Delhi more than Delhi needs Washington.


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India-iran relations, Donald Trump, Masoud rezvanian rahagh, Hassan Rouhani

What India stands to lose in US pulling out Iran nuclear deal

The situation in West Asia is so fragile that one wrong decision by Iran or any of the US allies in the region can lead to a full-scale war.


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India-us relations, India-iran relations, Donald Trump, West Asia

Why end of Iran nuclear deal will hit Indian interests hard in West Asia

Should New Delhi waver or dither, Tehran would hand over the strategic Chabahar Port to China and Pakistan.


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Paris climate accord, Nuclear deal, India-iran relations, Chabahar port

Why end of Iran nuclear deal puts India in a spot of bother

New Delhi will try its best to maintain its current ties with Tehran without offending the US.