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International women's day, Differently-abled, Crime Against Women, Womenwithdisabilities

Women with disabilities: Erased as individuals, invisible as a group

Teased, taunted, looked down upon, and spoken about instead of spoken to, women with disabilities experience the combined disadvantages associated with both gender and disability.


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Sexual violence against women, International women's day, Domestic Violence, Crime Against Women

Is 2021 the year India finally works to end gender-based violence?

Gender-based violence is a public health, economic and developmental issue.


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Women's Empowerment, NASA, International women's day, Hidden figures

Daily Recco, March 8: Hidden Figures of women's empowerment

On International Women's Day, as you 'Choose to Challenge', watch Hidden Figures for the stories of three women mathematicians who chose to challenge gender and racial stereotypes.


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Women's Day, International women's day, Oprahwinfrey, Meghanmarkle

DailyOh! Racism in Britain's royal family, to Kareena Kapoor shows a teaser

Meghan Markle said she felt suicidal but the royal family was against her going to a mental health expert. Also, they were worried over what colour would Archie be.


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Pay parity, Women Empowerment, International women's day, Women's Day

Don’t wish me Happy Women’s Day! And I am not even adding a please

If you give me a plastic tiara when I demand parity, how can I be happy?


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Malini awasthi, Sharda sinha, Women in politics, International women's day

On Women's Day, let's bust the myth of 'unwinnable' female candidates in Indian elections

The truth is quite the opposite.