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India calls out UK's double standard, discriminatory new travel policy

India has come down heavy on the UK over its discriminatory new travel policy that requires even fully vaccinated Indians to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine.


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DailyOh! Subdued Eid celebrations today, to why Biden took off his mask

Fully vaccinated people need not wear masks, says CDC. But that is for the USA, and not India. Jabbed or not, mask up in India.


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Why the Chinese Covid vaccine may turn Quad's efforts to deter China

While the race to the vaccine may have complicated matters for the Quad, it is certainly possible that future Quad efforts can bring about great positive change.


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DailyOh! Modi to take vaccine soon, to the truth Kamala Harris hid from her husband

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all CMs, ministers and MPs will get vaccine jabs in the second phase of vaccination.


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Why Joe Biden will be a better ally for India than Donald Trump

From an Indian perspective, Joe Biden has actively supported the removal of US sanctions on India and also advocated for India to have a ‘seat at the high table’ on the global arena, including in his latest election manifesto.


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Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Kamala harris, Joe Biden

What Joe Biden as US President means for India-US ties

Joe Biden takes over at a time when India and the US have evolved from being "estranged" to "engaged", and now "embracing" democracies.


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You don't have to like Kamala Harris. But you can't not acknowledge her

For women across the world, Kamala Harris's win is cathartic. Her win is another smirk wiped off, another taunt silenced.


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DailyOh! Why Melania wants Donald Trump to concede defeat, to who will win Bihar tomorrow

Melania Trump is reportedly in a hurry to walk out of the White House.


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DailyOh! Trump and Greta got no chill, but what Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan have in common

Greta Thunberg has given back to Donald Trump what she got from him about 11 months ago.


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DailyOh! Why US Presidents don’t get more than 2 terms, to why Rahul Gandhi thinks EVM is MVM

Donald Trump, who is trailing behind Joe Biden, has declared ‘a big WIN’.