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Mafia movie, Henry hill, Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas

Daily Recco, February 17: Classic GoodFellas is all about mob life and a lot more

Need a break from midweek monotony? Watch the classic American mafia movie — GoodFellas — streaming on Netflix.


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Alia Bhatt, Martin Scorsese, On-demand television, Streamingplatforms

2020: Why it's time for new storytelling

The way content was consumed recently has made it nearly impossible for the trade to guess what 'films' would mean to the viewer at the next turn.


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Netflix, Tridev, Martin Scorsese, Bollywood

Why it’s time for Indian filmmakers to switch to ‘filmmaker mode’

In some other countries, it would be sacrilegious to present a film in a format different from its original.


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Blind faith, Films, Silence, Martin Scorsese

Why Martin Scorsese's Silence is the film of our times

It shows people are willing to give their lives to God even when the priests expect them to suffer.