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Delhi University, University of delhi, Economic slowdown, New Education Policy

How the draft New Education Policy could help the economy grow

The proposed policy creates room for a healthy blend between skills and knowledge.


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Hindi official language, New Education Policy, South india hindi imposed, Imposing hindi on south india

The battle of linguistics: Forcing Hindi on South Indian states is going to do more harm than good

Forcing a language on a particular part of a nation as diverse as India, goes against the fundamental rights that our Constitution grants to every citizen.


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Higher Education, TSR Subramanian Committee, New Education Policy

New Education Policy is a fascist agenda in disguise

The policy advises to ban students' associations based on caste, religion or political affiliations from campuses.


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TSR Subramanian Committee, Higher Education, New Education Policy

Will the new policy save India’s higher education?

The ball now is in the MHRD’s court. Will Smriti Irani walk the talk?


 |  Metrosocial  |  3-minute read
New Education Policy, Smriti Irani, Narendra Modi, Education

Modi government's biggest battle set to begin in the warfield of education

For the first time in independent India, the Left-of-Centre narrative will be seriously challenged.


 |  5-minute read
Higher Education, UNESCO MGIEP, Mhrd, New Education Policy

Government's New Education Policy will transform India

It uses a fruitful combination of online portals supported by on-site focus discussions.


 |  18-minute read
BR Ambedkar, New Education Policy, HRD Ministry, Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani will destroy Indian education for good

The HRD ministry's new policy is a joke that does not stimulate the emergence of science but the expansion of the Ambedkarian cult.