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 |  9-minute read
Sangam, Prayagraj, Kumbh Mela 2019, Kumbh

How, in the course of discovering the Kumbh, I discovered humanity

The Kumbh Mela made me realise so much about my faith, my self, my fellow travellers in this strange and wondrous journey that we call life.


 |  6-minute read
Ganga, Prayagraj, Allahabad, Kumbh mela

Ode to Allahabad: Kumbh is grand and gorgeous. But the city needs salvation

The city cannot live without either of its identities — religious or historical, Nehruvian or dharmic.


 |  6-minute read
UNESCO, Spiritual diplomacy, Soft Power, Prayagraj

How the Kumbh Mela is enhancing India’s 'spiritual diplomacy' and global 'soft power'

To envision that the Kumbh can be branded as an enabling tool for India’s diplomacy must be acknowledged as an out-of-the-box idea. The current political will, and cultural warmth, greeting foreign visitors at the Kumbh is highly significant.


 |  4-minute read
Prayagraj, Kumbh Mela 2019, Bollywood, Kumbh mela

How Bollywood ruined the Kumbh Mela for me

What ended up becoming one of Bollywood's most iconic phrases — "Kumbh ke Mele mein bichde huye bhai" — was actually a very real fear I lived with all my childhood.


 |  2-minute read
BJP, Yogi Adityanath, Prayagraj, Kumbh mela

Cornered over Ram temple, how the BJP is hoping for salvation in the Kumbh Mela

Arrangements are on in Prayaraj at a hectic, impressive pace. The message seems to be that the party cares for Hindu sentiments, and can also deliver on infrastructure.


 |  6-minute read
Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, BJP, Narendra Modi

Allahabad vs Prayagraj: Why current re-naming spree is a comic exercise

What’s in a name? Everything!


 |  4-minute read
Prayagraj, Yogi Adityanath, Name change, Ayodhya

Faizabad becomes Ayodhya: Why we are not surprised at all this time

Awadh’s first nawab Saadat Ali Khan, who built Faizabad in 1730, made no attempt to give any new name to Ayodhya.


 |  3-minute read
Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Prayagraj, 2019 general elections

I visited small towns in UP. Here’s what I found about which leader is winning the hearts of youths

These voters are sitting on the fence.


 |  4-minute read
Yogi Adityanath, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Allahabad, Prayagraj

Why renaming Allahabad as Prayagraj is an attempt to rewrite history communally

Given the timing of the declaration, it has electoral implications for the election in states and of course the Union elections to Parliament in 2019.


 |  5-minute read
Yogi Adityanath, BJP government, Shimla, Prayagraj

Allahabad to Prayagraj, Shimla to Shyamala — are we missing the real point here?

Renaming cities is a futile exercise, fixing them should be the focus