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 |  24-minute read
English vocabulary, Sanskrit literature, Sanskritnontranslatables

How non-translatable Sanskrit words can enrich the English vocabulary

An exclusive excerpt from Sanskrit Non-Translatables that stresses on the Sanskrit words that cannot be translated to English.


 |  6-minute read
Swami Vivekananda, Vedas, Sanskrit literature, Languageimposition

Why it is time for India to do away with the hollow politics over language imposition

Languages have always co-existed in India and will continue to co-exist. What is needed is a deep desire within people to ensure its prosperity. The hollow politics around languages serves no one and should be junked.


 |  7-minute read
Sanskrit literature, Mother tongue, Education in india, Nep2020

Why the New Education Policy 2020 is full of loopholes

The NEP 2020 does not address the issues of multi-linguism, eliminates testing the knowledge of students and seeks the impractical promotion of home languages.


 |  Rough Cut  |  3-minute read
Ritusamhara, Erotic poems, Sanskrit literature, Kalidasa

Our erotic poetry was always more than just sex

Translator AND Haksar on Sanskrit poetry, why Kalidasa is more than the Shakespeare of India, and more.


 |  Why bother with Sanskrit?  |  6-minute read
Sanskrit literature, Sanskrit

Living on the edge: Marginalia in Sanskrit manuscripts

A SOAS Sanskrit Reading Room offering, rich with information and a sense of history and gravity.


 |  Why bother with Sanskrit?  |  7-minute read
Mahabharata, Sanskrit literature

Why Sanskrit love poetry is worth immersing yourself in

Meghadūta is the earliest work that has survived to our times, but the idea of a love messenger is quite ancient.


 |  Commonsense Karma  |  5-minute read
Vedas, Sanskrit literature

Sanskrit literature was as good as internet for ancient India

A human lifetime is insufficient to read them all even if that was the only thing we did.