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Britain, US, Saudi Arabia, Yemen Crisis

How Britain and US enabled genocide in Yemen

There is no accountability for the starvation and killings of civilians in Yemen. And with the western states, the western media is entirely complicit in this genocide.


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Israa al-ghomgham, Chrystia freeland, Canada, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s spat with Canada reflects a war of ideas within the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia may sentence a woman activist to death. The claim of ‘reforms’ can’t go hand in hand with this crackdown on alternative voices.


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Israel, United States, Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem

Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision could rip the veil off Saudi-Israel alliance

For India, the changing geopolitical landscape in the Middle East presents several challenges and opportunities.


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Indian currency, Saudi Arabia, OPEC, Crude Oil

Why rise of crude oil prices is bad news for India

With India importing 157.5 crore barrels of crude annually, a dollar increase in prices on a permanent basis would increase the yearly bill by roughly Rs 10,000 crore.


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Iran, Riyadh, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump

What arrests of Saudi royals and growing ties between the Crown Prince and Trump reveal

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is reforming the country from within and trying to increase its global influence.


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Play Store, Saudi Arabia, App store, Cyber bullying

How a 'platform for cyberbullying' became the most downloaded app

Sarahah is a social media portal that lets you send anonymous messages, and then the trolling follows.


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ISIS, Qatar, Gulf crisis, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia can no longer deny its defining role in Islamic terror

The global scene on extremism seems to be expanding between the kingdom and Iran.


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Islamic State, Shia-Sunni conflict, Saudi Arabia

Tehran attack: Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy war gets dirtier, and bloodier

The recent strike is IS's desperate bid to widen the ambit of the sectarian battle.


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Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Qatar crisis

Gulf crisis: Isolating Qatar is Saudi Arabia ensuring total control on the Middle East

Bahrain, UAE, Egypt are all toeing Riyadh’s line as Doha’s ties with Tehran are an existential threat to this camp.


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Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump

Read full text of Donald Trump's speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death.