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Hindu-muslim, Religious harmony, Inter-faith marriage, Secularism

Tanishq, sell gold, not ishq

Jewellery is the crassest form of consumerism. Tanishq sells ornaments, stuff symbolising riches, not value.


 |  9-minute read
Hindutva cow lynching, Narendra Modi, Minority appeasement, Secularism

Alvida, Secularism? Can Congress shake off the 'Muslim appeasement' tag, and emerge stronger?

While BJP's ideological worldview certainly does not encompass religious minorities, Congress need not be the overprotective parent for Indian Muslims either anymore.


 |  10-minute read
BJP, Right-wing, Awakening bharat mata, Swapan Dasgupta

A View from Swapan Dasgupta's book 'Awakening Bharat Mata: The Political Beliefs of the Indian Right'

Swapan Dasgupta’s fascinating book explores the rise of Hindu nationalism and various factors over time that created India’s secularism. A riveting read, a must-have for those who want to understand today's India.


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Secularism, Balakot air strike, Imran Khan, PM Narendra Modi

Imran wants Modi back in power - seriously?

It is amusing to see the secular parties taking a cue from the Pak PM to bash an Indian PM who flaunts his nationalistic credentials rather openly.


 |  3-minute read
Secularism, Citizenship amendment bill, 2016, National Register for Citizens, BJP manifesto

Lok Sabha 2019: BJP President promises politics of exclusion. Why we must worry

Amit Shah reportedly promises to remove every single 'infiltrator' from India. But the sections he includes under 'infiltrators' is not very helpful to the secularism of this country.


 |  8-minute read
Lok Sabha 2019, AIUDF, Muslims, Secularism

Why BJP could win Assam in 2019's Lok Sabha polls

The BJP's victory could depend on the Congress party’s ability to polarise the Muslim vote by invoking its favourite weapon, 'secularism’.


 |  3-minute read
Hindu, Secularism, Ayodhya dispute, Sanskrit hymns

Why singing Sanskrit prayers in schools should be for parents and teachers to decide, and not disturb the Supreme Court

While such issues are important, they could also have been solved at an individual level instead of approaching the country's top court which has to rule on matters of national importance.


 |  5-minute read
Congress, Secularism, Communal politics, Indian Muslims

How ‘seculars’ disempowered two generations of Indian Muslims

Real secularism empowers. Fraudulent secularism disempowers. Guess which version we've been seeing for decades?


 |  4-minute read
Secularism, Flood relief camps, Christmas, Kerala floods

How we overcame: I found Muslim Santas in a flood relief camp in Kerala this Christmas

Kerala has been able to recover from the devastating monsoon flood because people helped each other out, regardless of faith and creed.


 |  6-minute read
Hindutva, Secularism, Friday namaz, Uttar Pradesh

Noida namaz order: If Muslims can’t pray in parks, will UP police ensure no puja pandals come up on public property?

Insistence on following the rule-book cannot be selective. That’s bullying, not secularism.