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 |  3-minute read
Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Wild Wild Country, Ma Anand Sheela

Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra: Whom would you like more as Ma Anand Sheela?

Our vote is for Ma Anand Sheela herself.


 |  5-minute read
Osho, Godmen scandal, Wild Wild Country, Asaram Bapu rape case

What support for rape convict Asaram says about our obsession with babas

It is often the rich who help the baba culture flourish.


 |  8-minute read
Bhagwan Rajneesh, Netflix, Wild Wild Country, Osho Ashram

Sex, spirituality and lies - what I learnt about Rajneesh inside Osho ashram

The events that unfolded at the commune and the stand-off between its inmates comprise the core of the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country.