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YouTube, Disney, Wholefoods, Amazon

9 millionaire kids who will make you take a second look at your bank account

With the help of her toy company, Pixie Curtis is all set to retire as a multimillionaire at the age of 15. Here are 8 other youngsters that could do the same.


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YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Social Media

TikTok sued by moderator for PTSD: Who keeps social media safe?

A former content moderator for TikTok is suing the social media giant for causing her psychological trauma due to the job. Who are content moderators and why did the job cause this content moderator mental health issues?


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Covid vaccine, Indian Economy, Nirmala Sitharaman, YouTube

DailyOh! When Pakistan had brought down YouTube, to 40 million vaccine doses that are ready

As much as two-thirds of the world faced YouTube outage because of one country. No, it wasn’t China.


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YouTube, Short Film, The guest, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, November 9: Good intentions paved with unexpected horror for The Guest

The perfectly normal situation turns to be the worst possible nightmare, thanks to the most unusual circumstances for The Guest.


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Child Labour, Youtube channels, Boram, YouTube

Child stars of social media: 6-year-old buys Rs 55 crore house by running a YouTube channel. Is this child labour?

A six-year-old is just too young to express if s/he wants to be part of a video or start a YouTube channel. Or even desires the multiple kinds of attention she's going to get via the Internet.


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YouTube, Streaming, Hollywood, Donald Trump

Understanding Hollywood's obsession with Donald Trump

The old-world formats are desperate to get back viewers that have moved to platforms such as online streaming or YouTube.


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YouTube, Entertainment, Music, Bollywood

Old songs, new delights: How YouTube is letting fans enjoy complete versions of abridged melodies

Many old songs would have some stanzas deleted to make them fit into records. These lost stanzas are now being rediscovered.


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Internet, Child safety, YouTube

YouTube deletes dirty searches: Read this twice before sharing a child's photo

We can no longer hold just technology responsible for it.


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Sexism, Multiculturalism, YouTube, Despacito

What makes Despacito the most watched video on YouTube?

The song is entirely in Spanish and yet has made waves across the globe.


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Make-up, YouTube

Why are YouTubers putting 100 layers of everything on their faces?

With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram, fashion bloggers are releasing and testing new material on social media.