Devdan Chaudhuri


The writer is the author of 'Anatomy of Life'. He is one of the contributing editors of The Punch Magazine and lives in Kolkata.


 |   10-minute read

Why Rahul Gandhi’s temple run is not ‘soft-Hindutva’

In the pretext of Hindu religion and nationalism, BJP is shoving pro-super-rich neoliberalism and Savarkar’s Hindutva down our throats.


 |   15-minute read

The true story of Gorakhnath Mutt's role in Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute

Everything about the case stems from one person’s legacy: Mahant Digvijay Nath.


 |   5-minute read


 |   12-minute read

Making sense of a list of sexual predators through the lens of JM Coetzee's Disgrace

I, however, don't want the story to end in a travesty of justice. Now, a different climax is possible.


 |   13-minute read

How did Hindus become Hindu and why Hindutva is not Hinduism

Hindutva is not a religious idea, but a far-right political ideology, just as Zionism is the far right political ideology of Judaism.


 |   6-minute read

Planned Basirhat riot: Will Bengal fall to BJP-RSS' communal designs?

Without 'victory' in the state, their unconstitutional dream of Hindu Rashtra cannot be realised.