Dr Chandra Rekha
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Dr Chandra Rekha is currently working as Research Fellow at Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA). She has authored a book titled "India- Russia Post Cold War Relations: An Epoch of New Cooperation" co-published by Routledge Publication and Knowledge World Publication. Her research interests include global security, restructuring of geopolitics, foreign policy interests, defence and strategic studies. Her area of studies includes Russia’s foreign policy interests, Russia-India relations, Russia-China relations, Russia’s defence industrial complex, Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy interests.


 |   8-minute read

19th Annual Bilateral Summit 2018: Where India-Russia relations stand today

The two nations have a rich history together. But new pressures from the USA, China and Pakistan may impact ties significantly. PM Modi and President Putin stand at a threshold today


 |   4-minute read

India's ties with Russia are critical to counter China in SCO

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is dominated by the neighbouring country, which only reluctantly agreed to New Delhi's permanent membership.