Munawwar Haque
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The writer is a former senior business executive and now a political commentator.


 |   14-minute read

Why a Uniform Civil Code is not what India needs immediately

There isn’t any credible draft available anywhere to debate on this.


 |   4-minute read

MNS must know violence will not be tolerated

It’s time for the government to take action and for citizens to speak up.


 |   8-minute read

JNU row: Let the young minds be

It's now time to stop the politicisation of these temples of learning for vested interests.


 |   25-minute read

What choices Muslims have under Modi government

If the community has to come out of the current morass and abyss, this is the opportune time to make a fresh start.


 |   10-minute read

Good governance: A call for systemic change

Our laws and rules must reflect the liberalism and dynamism of changing realities on ground.