Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears in docuseries trailer, talks about a difficult and suicidal 2022

Adhya MoonaMarch 22, 2023 | 13:40 IST

In the trailer of the Grammy winner Ed Sheeran's four-part docuseries Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All, premiering on May 3 on Disney+, the Shape of You singer is seen breaking down in tears talking about his wife Cherry Seaborn's health struggles and the death of his close friend Jamal Edwards.

The 32-year-old singer talks about how all this adversely affected his mental health, triggering his dormant depression and leading to suicidal thoughts. 

Ed said that he ‘didn’t want to live’ after the tragic incidents of his friends Jamal Edwards and cricket legend Shane Warne's death in 2022 and his wife Cherry Seaborn's brain tumour diagnosis.

In the documentary Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All, the English singer showcases and opens up about his much-guarded personal life, giving a sneak peak to his fans into his private life and the driving force behind his music.

Watch the trailer of the docuseries:

The tragic events that triggered Ed Sheeran's dormant depression

The English singer-songwriter has opened up about his mental health struggles. He talks about a difficult phase in his life in 2022 post the death of his two friends, a copyright lawsuit, and on top of that the health problems of his wife while she was pregnant with their second child. All this peaked his depression and instigated suicidal thoughts.

On a brighter side, Cherry delivered their daughter Jupiter in May 2022 and underwent a successful surgery post the delivery, and the Shape of You singer won the copyright lawsuit in April. It was Ed Sheeran’s wife who encouraged him to start therapy. He started seeking professional help to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, and it has helped the singer manage his emotions and feelings.

Jamal Edwards, a 31-year-old music entrepreneur, who was Ed Sheeran’s close friend and former roommate and helped Sheeran launch his music career, died from a cocaine-induced cardiac arrhythmia in February 2022. His another good friend, the Australian spin maverick Shane Warne, died in March of the same year in Thailand from a suspected heart attack.

Ed Sheeran's wife Cherry Seaborn encouraged him to start therapy. Photo: Getty Images

Dealing with depression since childhood

In his interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, the singer spoke about dealing with depression since childhood. He said that he often felt singled out in his "sport-oriented primary school," and said "I had bright red hair, big blue glasses, and a stutter". All of this gave him a sense of not belonging to his school and made him feel like an outcast. The Bad Habits singer said he couldn't play sports and be athletic because of his "perforated eardrum". 

His ordeals from his childhood along with the recent tragic experiences in 2022 added up to the singer's battle with depression. 

Musician’s eating disorder

Ed Sheeran was bulimic and developed this eating disorder and suffered from body image issues when he started comparing himself with slender pop stars such as Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. However, the singer now follows a healthy routine and also works out.

Quitting alcohol and drugs

Ed Sheeran admitted to using "a few" substances in his mid-20s and this developed into habit. However, in his extensive interview with Rolling Stone. the English singer said that he has stop taking drugs and alcohol after the death of his friend Jamal Edwards. Sheeran's wife Cherry encouraged the singer to quit alcohol before the birth of their first child.

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