HBO show The Idol's new trailer has only a 1-second cameo by Jennie Kim. Her fans are not happy

Tanushree DebbarmaJune 2, 2023 | 17:40 IST

HBO’s new show, The Idol, starring  The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Jennie Kim,Troye Sivan,Dan Levy and many more singers and celebrities released its trailer on Wednesday (May 31). Directed by Euphoria-fame Sam Levinson, The Weeknd, and Reza Fahim, the show will premiere on HBO on June 4.

Even though rapper Jennie Kim, who is part of K-Pop girl band Blackpink only had one second cameo in the official trailer, fans still showed her love and support.


The South Korean K-Pop idol who is part of the well known girl band Blackpink with members - Jisso,Jennie,Rose and Lisa has a crazy fandom worldwide. From a record breaking girl pop group to performing at Coachella, brand ambassadors of luxury brands like Dior, YSL, Chanel, Celine, Bulgari, Calvin Klein and many other brand endorsements, Blackpink has their own fandom called Blinks. 

Jennie Kim, also Jennie Ruby Jane, reached more people when the first The Idol teaser was released and people who don't know her kept asking - who is she? This kept people interested to know more about her.

Her band Blackpink has been on its world tour - Born Pink, also performing at Coachella, attending Met Gala, Cannes Film Festival and doing brand promotions. Their agency YG entertainment manages them in such a way that all the four girls are in the news for different things side by side and get their red carpet chances.

Jennie Chanel

This year Jennie attended the Met Gala wearing Chanel classic from the archives. As the brand ambassador of Chanel, she has been seen wearing Channel everywhere.

She is now trending as the Channel's Princess. Cannes Film Festival had The Idol premiere with the whole cast wearing outfits that suits the series' concept except Jennie who chose Chanel classics. There were comments that she looked odd as her styling was opposite to the entire cast. But fans are loving her individuality and slaying in Chanel is giving her main character energy from a fairytale.

Chanel has been promoted by Jennie in the most creative ways. From Channel bag ribbons which she wears during concerts to jewelleries and clothes. Yesterday the Chanel Princess had her live concert and she again is making sure it is all about Channel. 

In the recent years Jennie and Chanel's bond has been growing as she with her style maintains to set trends for Chanel. Currently the Chanel white flower is seen to be worn by her often.This year she has mainly kept black and white colors from the Chanel collection very close to her and even during events is mostly seen in black and white colors.

The Idol has got a worldwide attention as the cast includes celebrities and singers with worldwide reach and Jennie Kim has attracted Asian audience. Blackpink is a brand itself and Hollywood is making sure to enjoy the perks of it.

Last updated: June 02, 2023 | 17:40
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