Star Wars Visions Season 2 will feature studios from India, South Africa, Chile

Ayaan PaulFebruary 3, 2023 | 13:21 IST

Star Wars has announced the slated titles and production studios from across the world for its animated anthology series, Visions. Carrying on the legacy that the many Japanese anime studios took forward with its Emmy-nominated first season, here’s a quick look at the global creatives behind Star Wars: Visions Season 2.

What: The animated short series that was released in 2021 as part of the celebration of the Star Wars franchise. Produced by Lucasfilm Animation, the series featured 10 diverse and innovative animated shorts, each showcasing a unique perspective and style. It streamed exclusively on Disney+ and targeted audiences of all ages.

The diverse animation styles showcased in Visions have been mesmerising to watch so far. Each short showcases a different approach to animation, ranging from 2D to 3D, hand-drawn to computer-generated. This variety of animation styles serves to provide an eclectic and dynamic viewing experience that sets the series apart from other Star Wars media. Additionally, it enables each creator to showcase their unique vision and perspective on the Star Wars universe.

An in-depth look: The themes explored in the series are also broad and varied. Some shorts highlight the epic moments in Star Wars, such as lightsaber duels and space battles, while others delve into the more personal and introspective aspects of the franchise, such as the thoughts and feelings surrounding iconic canonical characters. This diversity of themes and perspectives contributes to a well-rounded and nuanced series that provides an in-depth look into the Star Wars universe.

The series also pays homage to the legacy of the Star Wars franchise by incorporating references and nods to the original trilogy, prequel trilogy, and sequel trilogy. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the way the series connects to the larger Star Wars universe and recognises its rich history.

Time for Season 2: Two years since its first season dropped, Visions is making a comeback with its sophomore season. This time around, the series will feature nine new shorts from nine studios from around the globe. The shorts promise to feature unique animation styles from a variety of countries and cultures, depicting each filmmaker’s specific vision of the Star Wars galaxy. 

Here are the creative minds behind the nine shorts featuring in Star Wars: Visions Season 2:


Studio: El Guiri (Spain)

From Emmy-award winning director Rodrigo Blaas, behind Pixar's Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004), Ratatouille (2007), and Wall-E (2008) and on the Oscar-nominated short film La Luna (2011).

“Screecher’s Reach”

Studio: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)

From Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA-nominated Paul Young, behind the animated features My Father’s Dragon, WolfWalkers, The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and The Breadwinner.

“In the Stars”

Studio: Punkrobot (Chile)

From director Gabriel Osorio, the mind behind the Oscar-winning animated short Bear Story.

“I Am Your Mother”

Studio: Aardman (United Kingdom) 

From multiple award-winning director Magdalena Osinska, behind stop-motion-animation icons, Wallace & Gromit.

“Journey to the Dark Head”

Studio: Studio Mir (South Korea) 

From director Hyeong Geun Park, behind dozens of cinematic game trailers and has since expanded into animated series, working on projects including Dota: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3 (2022) and Lookism (2022).

“The Spy Dancer”

Studio: Studio La Cachette (France) 

From the Emmy-winning director Julien Chheng, behind The Rabbi’s Cat, Mune, and the Academy Award-nominated Ernest and Celestine.

“The Bandits of Golak”

Studio: 88 Pictures (India)

From multiple accolade-winning director Ishan Shukla behind the Oscar long-listed animated short, Schirkoa, after receiving dozens of awards and playing at 120 international festivals.

“Aau’s Song”

Studio: Triggerfish (South Africa)

From directors Nadia Darries and Daniel Clarke, behind the award-winning BBC films Stick Man, Revolting Rhymes and The Snail and the Whale.

“The Pit”

D'art Shtajio (Japan) in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd (United States)

From director LeAndre Thomas at the franchise studio team at Lucasfilm Ltd behind recent titles such as Light & Magic, The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, and many more. 

When: The second season of Star Wars: Visions premieres on Star Wars Day, May 4, 2023.

Last updated: February 03, 2023 | 13:21
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