Watch porn with your teacher, and 7 weird college courses that actually exist

Akshata KamathApril 25, 2022 | 18:35 IST

Parents have always asked their kids this question: College padhne jaate ho ya masti karne? Well, when the topics and the subjects are so boring, how can students not go for some masti?

When we heard of a college in the US which was offering its students a pornography class, which would require them to “watch pornographic films together'', we wondered what other kinds of courses existed. Here are 7 weird ones we found:


People often say that one must ''walk the talk''. If you thought that most college students know how to walk well, you were wrong. Professor Ken Keffer from Centre College, Kentucky, USA believes that their course "The Art of Walking'', can help students walk more consciously. Keffer feels that human beings take their existence and walking ability for granted and wants this course to transform the way people look at it. He intends for people to see walking and existence as an art. 

So, what do students do? In the morning, they all discuss a book by Martin Heidegger called "Being and Time''. ''Being and Time'' is a philosophical book which talks about group behaviour, human languages, authenticity, time and death etc.  Then, in the afternoon, they go on hikes and walk around Central Kentucky and discuss the themes of the book, contest perspectives and talk about how to practically use the tools in real life.


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If you delay taking actions on your dreams because you can't decide, then this course might be for you. If you can't decide on what to do, which options are better, and so on, here is something that might be of help. Indiana University offers a course called " Decision Making and the Brain'', which can be the solution for those who can't decide.  Why do students get a PhD in Decisional Sciences? Well, candidates learn a range of quantitative methods to make business decisions and learn skills to do research, data and analysis to solve problems in all kinds disciplines. 


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If you want to raise horses or bet on horses in those fancy horse races, you might want to learn more about how to take care of horses. But where do you learn stuff like that AND get a degree in it? Well, the Mesalands Community College in USA offers a course in Farrier Science to make you a well-qualified entreprenuer. Farrier Science is the study of horse hooves, shoes, and the fitting of shoes to the horse hooves. 

The Farrier Science Occupational Certificate program provides a hands-on practical experience in dealing with all aspects of taking care of horses and running a horse farm business. The course involves teaching you everything: right from horse anatomy to physiology, to 'horse business' management.


In this course, students learned how to make a good first impression, meet the right person, and date. Why was it launched in the first place? Well, divorce rates in China were rising and the college realised that in their culture, students face a lot of pressure to get high grades in school. Thus essential knowledge and communication skills are often left out, especially the soft skills. Thus the course's founder aimed to create this course to help narrow the gap between knowledge and practice and to better prepare these students.


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When it comes to intimacy, we might only talk to close friends and ''Google'' a lot of our questions and doubts. Well, it looks like some international colleges have a good number of solutions for addressing these solutions.  

a. Occidental College in Los Angeles, USA offers a course called ''The Phallus'' which covers a broad study on the relation between the phallus and the penis, the meaning of the phallus, phallologocentrism, the lesbian phallus, and the relation of the phallus and fetishism. There is another course called ''The Phallus and The Siren'' which examines intersectional gender representations in films, television and literature.  

b. Westminster College in Utah, USA is offering a course titled ''Film 3000: Porn'', which will require students to watch pornographic films together and discuss the “sexualization of race, class and gender." Though this news caused a social media backlash and the college deleted the listing from the website, the college has said that it would conduct the class. 



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Any WWE fans in the house? Well, we have all loved watching the likes of The Rock, Kane and Big Show fight in WrestleMania, and if you are one of those who wants to take this passion seriously, we have found a course to help you do exactly that. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a course called ''American Pro Wrestling'' which asks students to think about the cultural implications of the often-theatrical wrestling world. Beginning with wrestling’s roots in sport, the class examines how new technologies and changes in the TV industry led to evolution for pro-wrestling style and promotion. It also explores how shifts in wrestling characters demonstrate changes in the perception of ''American masculinity''. 


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Who said Surfing the waves was just a holiday pastime? Well, if surfing is your thing, The Cornwall College offers a Surf Science foundation degree which will help you create a career in environmental sustainability, event management and surfing retail. But mind you, there will not be any practical teaching on how to surf! So weird. Students will learn about the culture of surfing, the geographical influences of surfing and a variety of surf practices. 

So, how will students learn? Students will learn through practical examples, demonstrations and active practicipation in workshops, lectures, and optional field trips. But practice khud karna padega. 

Now that we have seen all the weird courses, we wonder what the job prospects for students will be? Have you come across any such weird courses?

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