After killing Shraddha, Aftab gifted her ring to woman he met on Bumble: Sources

Amrutha PagadNovember 28, 2022 | 13:56 IST

Aftab Amin Poonawalla is now in judicial custody and lodged in Tihar jail for the murder of his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar. At Tihar jail, Aftab has been reportedly put on suicide watch due to his unpredictable behaviour. He is also undergoing a third round of polygraph test.


  • Delhi Police have reportedly recovered a ring that belonged to Shraddha Walkar.
  • Aftab reportedly "gifted" the ring to another woman after killing Shraddha. This is the same woman who visited Aftab's Chhatarpur's flat after Shraddha's murder and when her body parts were still stored in the fridge.

The polygraph test: 

  • According to reports, Aftab's polygraph test is still not completed and the narco-analysis test will have to wait till then.
  • The lab where Aftab's polygraph was conducted was kept open over the weekend, the FSL assistant director Sanjeev Gupta said. 
We kept our lab open over the weekend for the polygraph test. On Sunday, the investigating team confirmed that they have got approval for Poonawala's custody from Tihar jail and will bring him to the lab for the remaining polygraph test session on Monday.
- Sanjeev Gupta, FSL assistant director
  • Reports also say that Aftab cooperated with the interrogation to some extent but evaded answering a few crucial questions. 
Poonawala remained confident and his body language was normal during the session. He appeared to be an intelligent person with a sharp brain. He answered the normal and irrelevant questions. But he remained elusive or silent when critical questions related to the murder case were asked. It seemed he was very much aware of the polygraph test procedure.
- FSL official
  • Aftab was reportedly asked questions on what triggered him to kill Shraddha, when he killed her and all the places he went to hide the evidence. 
  • Polygraph and narco-analysis tests are inadmissible in court, but the police want to gain a clear picture from Aftab's conflicting confessions and series of events. 

Aftab's friends: Reports say cops have nabbed a drug peddler and allegedly Aftab's friend in Surat.

  • Delhi Police have also spoken to another of Aftab's friends, who goes by the name Badri. Reportedly, Shraddha and Aftab met Badri in Himachal Pradesh and accompanied them to Chhatarpur in Delhi. 
  • Badri lived in a rented flat near Mehrauli forest and he also helped Aftab and Shraddha rent a flat in Chhatarpur. 
  • According to his former landlord, Shekhar Panchadhaye, Badri vacated the flat in May. Police are trying to find out whether Badri knew about Shraddha's murder and if that's the reason he vacated the flat. 
  • They are also trying to establish whether Badri and Aftab were in contact on May 18 (Shraddha's murder according to Aftab) and before November 12 (Aftab's arrest).
  • A Delhi Police team is also in Himachal Pradesh investigating whether Aftab had attempted to kill Shraddha earlier. The team has spoken to the caretakers of a guesthouse where the couple stayed. 
  • Delhi Police managed to track down the woman Aftab reportedly dated soon after Shraddha's murder. 
  • Police have spoken to the woman, who is a psychoanalyst by profession. She reportedly visited Aftab's Chhatarpur apartment when Shraddha's body parts were still kept in the fridge. 
  • Aftab reportedly met the woman on Bumble, the same way he met Shraddha. 

Aftab is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha on May 18 and cutting her body into more than 30 pieces. He is said to have stored Shraddha's body parts in a refrigerator before scattering them across various locations in and around Delhi over several days. Police are yet to find Shraddha's mortal remains and the weapon used during the crime

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