Who is Princess Rajwa Al Seif, the new wife of Jordan Crown Prince Al Hussein?

Mohammad BilalJune 2, 2023 | 14:32 IST

Its wedding season and the latest couple to tie the knot are from the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Hussein Ibn Abdullah, Jordan's Crown Prince, has married Rajiwa Al Seif, daughter of Saudi architect who has connections to Saudi royal family.

The ceremony took place in the mid-century Zahran Palace in the Jordan capital Amman. It was attended by royals from all over the world.

The couple got engaged last year in August 2022 and their wedding was expected in June 2023.

Who is Rajwa Al Seif?

Born in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, on April 28, 1994, Rajwa Al Seif is the youngest child of her parents. She has three older siblings: Faisal, Nayef and Dana.

Her father Khalid al Saif is a businessman in Saudi Arabia while her mother Azza Al Sudairi is the cousin of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

The Al Sudairi family is prominent family in Saudi Arabia as it shares roots with the former Saudi King, Abdulaziz, the founder of the Saudi dynasty. The ‘Sudairi Seven’ is a name given to the alliance of seven princes in the Saudi family.

Rajwa Al Seif obtained Bachelors in Architecture from US and also did fashion designing at a institute in LA. Photo: Instagram/ rajwaofjordannews

Rajwa obtained Bachelors in Architecture from Syracuse University in the US and graduated from there in 2017. After her graduation, she went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA and she passed out from that school in 2019.

She also worked at an architecture firm P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S in Los Angeles. She then moved back to Riyadh to work at Designlab experience design studio.

She is also an equestrian and there are numerous pictures of her on social media riding a horse.

After her marriage with the Crown Prince Abdullah, the Royal Hashemite Court announced that she will be styled as Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al Hussein and when she takes the throne she will be Queen Rajwa.

How will this marriage impact the Saudi-Jordan relations?

The royal marriage comes at a very crucial time and it might improve and strengthen the relations between the two countries. The two countries have had their differences over the years due to divergent views on regional conflicts.

According to Khalid Shneikat, head of Jordanian Political Science Society, the Jordanian crown prince’s marriage with Rajwa Al Seif provides new impetus for Saudi-Jordan relations to grow.

“The next few days will show us the results but the marriage of this kind will have an impact on strengthening relations between the two countries and increased rapprochement,” Middle East quoted Shneikat.

Crown prince Hussein’s father, King Abdullah is 61-year-old and might continue to be the King of Jordan for the next few years. Meanwhile, his son Hussein has already started attending diplomatic meetings and is getting ready to enter the shoes of his father.

Photo: Instagram/ @rajwaofjordannews

Analysts also believe that Mohammad Bin Salman and Jordon’s King Abdullah have old differences and when Hussein takes over from his father, things might take a good turn.

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