Manjeev Singh Puri

Manjeev Singh Puri

Former Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the UNmanjeevsinghpuri@ambassador.com
The writer is is former Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the UN and former Indian Ambassador to Nepal, European Union, Belgium & Luxembourg

By Manjeev Singh Puri

What is behind Nepal's audacity against India

Prime Minister Oli's chair was shaky, and he played the ultimate anti-India card, winning some time and creating a nationalist legacy for himself.

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How the post-Covid world will impact China

The massive common hurt caused by Covid-19, coupled with the stark realisation that China is a major threat, should catalyse coalescing among the US and Europe.

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The World Health Organization must reform for its own sake

At present, the demanders for action at WHO, led by the US, are loud and appear to have an upper hand.

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Why India needs to be on the 'rights' side of the United Nations

When UN OHCHR sought to file an intervention application in the Supreme Court against CAA, the Indian government claimed that no foreign party has locus standi on CAA as it pertains to Indian sovereignty.

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