Edmond Fernandes

Edmond Fernandes

Community health physician and author


Dr Edmond Fernandes is a community health physician leading efforts for the CHD Group, headquartered in Mangalore, India. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council.

By Edmond Fernandes

Why social impact must be independent of Covid-19

Industries need to understand that social impact is necessary, and seeing a programme implemented in action is important than merely donating to a cause.

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Why HLG recommendation on health sector to 15th Finance Commission needs rethinking

India’s health systems need a rejig with community health physicians and public health champions leading the space.

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How Medical Council of India is putting healthcare on life support

Intimidating doctors and stalling creativity by setting obsolete guidelines cannot be the way forward.

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Rape, terrorism and partying is robbing us of a tomorrow

We don't enjoy picnics by the waterside, or appreciate rosy sunsets as those before us.

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