Gaurav C Sawant

Gaurav C Sawant

Executive Editor, India Today TV

Executive Editor, India Today TV. Author Dateline Kargil (Macmillan).

By Gaurav C Sawant

Mission Shakti: India's satellite strike in space is as significant as its nuclear tests

The ability to accurately destroy a satellite gives a powerful message to our adversaries. They are forewarned to not cross any red lines, even in space.

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Finally, action taken against JKLF, the oldest terrorist group in J&K

It's certainly a strong step. But is this also a classic case of too little, too late?

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Two Kinds of Terror: Why China saves Masood Azhar but takes harsh action against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

While it goes after an entire community, incarcerating Uighurs reportedly in concentration camps, China shields a self-confessed terrorist. Why the double standards?

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Imran Khan, Pakistan's 'PM select'

Why the Pak army has chosen 'Im the dim' as PM, the deep state's moves and implications for India.

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